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    • TheBigyin
      @Inspiration101 nice one mate, do you have long to go? Wouldn't mind seeing a few pics like. Yeah I'm still hopeful, not going to give up. 2 sets of leaves now so she must be keen enough.    Good luck bro!   
    • oldskoolskunk
      to be clear these are not UGORG derived plants
    • BarrySHitPeas
      Ive actually just killed all 3, effected, dont want to risk the remaining plant's , although they might also already be effected, i tried to check over the entire plants but they are so many places they could be a bit overwhelming Week 7 exactly.   Yeah thats what i wanna know so i can try prevent it happening again.    
    • stu914
      I use only sensi grow and bloom base nutes,  Buddhas Tree PK during flower. Not cheap but goes a heck of a long way.   I've done same strain grows both with and without using it, the yield was way down when I left it out.