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    • cocopips
      Another beauty
    • GreenPirate
      Panik knows none of this is directed at him, from his point of view it makes sense to stock them if the kids are flocking to them and that's what they must have. I'd do the same in his position   . I'd rather pay out and moan, that seems twisted I know but at least I can be justified and have the high ground, if it was a free grow, there is always that "well, at least I did not pay for it" looming over the grow, if it pollinates the room, well, lets not go there!!! *touches wood* *turns around 3 times and touches the ground*   If Attitude had a section on here, i'd be in there as well, asking some serious WTF questions over some of the prices listed on some strains.   Anyone remember Doggies Nutz and their £350 G13, I think it was a G13. That was a freak random seed that had some FBI/CIA/NSA bullshit behind it (in my opinion), that inflated the price. The name and story sent the price through the roof, of which not one person can clarify and say is 100% legit on where the genes come from. Unless that has changed over the years and something new has come up that I missed about G13!?   Little pisstake and I hope Panik don't mind seeing as it's not aimed at him - I've got some Rolex watches, i'll be in talks with VRG and the boys to sort out a sub section, you don't have to question where I got them from, just take my word for it, they are LEGIT and the best thing since sliced bread, all at standard Rolex prices but some might be inflated if i've had to fly that shit in from a secret source, you'd all be fools not to buy them from me.. you can trust me, i'll write up a nice little bit of text to say how I went to the Rolex (possible clone.mwahahahahahaha) factory, got the parts, just don't ask how I put them together.. you'll get a few different variations BUT and here is the good bit, if you buy a pack of 5.. you'll at least find one keeper you like, just bin the rest!
    • Hippy
      Hard to say mate,ime running a new strain at mo and only just switched onto these bulbs. I will say the plants look very healthy tho and buds a mega dense but cant put that soley down to the bulbs until i can compare to old bulbs.
    • Hashcity
      Will do @panik.. They really do look smashing. I'm also grabbing some super stardawg too and auto mazar for the outdoors  Cheers..