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Customer support forum for Migro


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    • Rustybiff
      Yes I hadn't seen this.. hope you're getting there mate, look forward to seeing your next posts
    • Whammyc
      @panik @Revive @Ch@ppers what food are you putting out with a late plant out? organic or chemical?
    • brock1
      Yes that my understanding. A resistant plant would be like a marigold or poached egg plant. Zero pest damage like if you put a same from them in to feed bugs they would not feed on it. Yes under a microscope you might find a single bite hole here and their were they might of tried out of hunger. It wouldn't show signs of feeding though which would imply exactly what we both agree on here. Adding but to stress test is just counter productive in anything other than helping to risk spread disease. I suppose that why I feel the need to create this thread to eliminate they myth. 
    • brock1
      Very interesting & a worm hole i dived into a while ago. I even tried adding silica and sulfate to plant & it didn't. The result was that the plants i feed extra actually got more big damage which surprised the crap out of me at the time. Even more so because the extra silica was meant to help with PM but they were first to get it because of the insect damage. However that is a great response you give