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    • Rex Mundi
      Thanks for all that mate....   I'm working on a gram of rosin is around a quarter ounce, that is around 15% ish... okay, I got this 25g rosin off 150g of bud, 16% I think that is, and thats around 5 ounce, so your suggestion of 500ml would seem reasonable. I will do it in smaller quantities as you suggest, but I am looking at the topical use, for those arthritis type things, not for me eating it, although I have no doubt I will eat it  but I do have what I think of as RSI type pains in my wrists (from wheelchair use) and perhaps it will help there too.
    • Joint hogger
    • bartman
      That one brings back some memories @GreenPirate Great tune and happy days. Tim Burgess used to play at a local club I worked when I started doing door work. I think I was only 18 or 19   Top Dude. His band before The Charlatans were called The Electric Crayons and they were good also.  Ex Pro boxer Joey Singleton used to run the door back then and he was a right character too. Happy Days. Door work was so easy during the acid and rave days
    • Joint hogger