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Grow Competitions

Paradise Seeds Grow Competetions


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    • Andromedian
      Anymore talk like that....the slag won't get his fuckin head out the door
    • Roman78
      Where are you based mate? Could I come and pay you and then you send them. Just that I can’t use my bank account for these. Thanks 
    • geogeo
      hi matey fogot about this post ,, iwent to big on grow no2 - 6 pak valleys aside 1st grow  one had to go out on the deck ,, hope the window cleaner is niave going to harvest 2 x gs cookies once i figger out where to cure .. any info is good mate ,  
    • diyleduk
      Im loosing track of the diarys here, should put them all in one thread and call it "fruit bowl".     Should have plenty of headroom flipping them now, although them strawberries look like they might get a bit wild.   Fingers crossed for a steady problem free run.