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Paradise Seeds

Support forum for Paradise Seeds


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    • potato1356
      I can't believe it, but finally the fun strains are coming through with great quality at reasonable money in our neck of the woods! 

      The thing I love about the newer stuff is the different terp profiles - so different to what I've been used to, and fun to explore more of the green goddess - 

      got an oz of Lodi Dodi and Space Candy for 300 - sealed (but not vacuum packed), with boveda's, no PGR's (obvious taste, smell, look and feel when they're present!), and the smoke is so so so smooth. 

      Lodi smashes my head off - instant sledgehammer with smooth banana peel and earth tones. the Lodi smells of PURE banana, I've never had a banana terp like this before! 

      space candy is more of an obvious spicey sweet pine with a creeping high - great euphoric vibes. 

      finally this american hype seems to be dropping a bit if you know the right people - fuck paying £100 an 1/8th hahahaha I dont know how people can sleep at night paying that....

      and the best part is - one healthy looking seed came out of the space candy bud, I hope I get a couple more  

      As for seeds that are great that aren't stupid money, I'd really recommend the Cali connection gold line - £90 retail or £60 with wholesale and delivery.... 

      Cali connection seedbank has given me nothing but gorgeous massive plants 100% of the time.

    • Saddam
      That parrot is dead, remove it along with all the dead leaves and move on.    
    • zztopbudz
      Cheers Buddy mate  Here we go 6 weeks and my plan of letting her going eu naturale has gone tits up as you can see.  Last weekend or the Monday I was merrily pinching out stems and as this girl blended in so well I accidentally pinched her out and as soon as it crunched I thought fuck.  So here she is 6 days later and im impressed with how she has reacted with side shoots.      She has put out quite a few low down shoots that have shot up almost to the head height.      It slowed her up for a day tops and then all the new stuff came shooting out.    Ive been a bit paranoid about her becoming root bound and the short veg time people are giving them so I couldn't resist having a look at the roots in case I was in trouble.  As you can see I needed not worry as there is still plenty of room left .   I think im looking ok for another 3 or so weeks veg and then the 2 of the stretch during flowering.  After that I think root growth slows right down so that is where I want to get to.      I want this to be completely roots and hardly any coco visible within the next 5 weeks.    So seeing as I had her out I thought I may as well use up my emergency bit of space now and be done with it.    Seeing as I had began the process of supercropping accidentally I decided I may as well top her at the pinch and really create a bit of bushyness and go for it with the yield as oppose to a nice natural single cola , donkey dick affair.      Now I will start to see multi branching and loads of new shoots the coming week.    Filled up with as much coco as I can get in the pot    This will have loads of new shoots next week .    She is a bit shorter now and less likely to be top heavy and fall over.    Now I have broken the ice I'm gonna super crop the fuck out of her , pinching out everything she offers me.  I'm glad she still has plenty of root space and now she can have a bit of a growth spurt and I can forget about her a bit as I'm sure she can do 5 more weeks in that pot.  Especially the next 3 will be under a 250 mh only as I needed to slow down the rest of the room as I'm running out of space with the 400.  The smaller bulb of course gives a slower pace of growth and in this silly heat we are having , things are a little cooler.  Over and out for a week.  zz 
    • Davey Jones
      If it goes off when a fluorescent light is starting up it sounds like an EMC issue to me, the transient is creating a voltdrop and the CMH detects it   An EMI filter would probably stop it in its tracks but IMO that should be included in the CMH ballast, changing the fluorescent is another option it sounds like a magnetic one and a capacitor across its input would probably stop it as well but its hard giving EMC advice on the interent, always has been always will be