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    • bubbly82
      Your carbon filter shouldn't be leaking any smell at all, day or night hot or cold. I would make sure that is sorted first mate
    • crticalcontent
      Hey mate nice to hear your getting back into the swing of things. Temperatures are a nightmare in the loft but it is doable. Insulating your room using foil backed 50mm boards is a good way to go. You can get them on eBay as seconds because the corners are a bit bartered. I’d also look at the new ceramic metal halide lamps for heat control they are supposed to be amazing for both quality and yield,giving off a lot less heat than traditional hps. The best idea I saw for keeping roots warm in the winter was getting some corrugated plastic then laying out underfloor heating cables in the grooves and screwing another piece on top ,voila giant thermostat  controls heat mat which runs water off a treat.  Theirs a few ideas buddy good luck, welcome to the forum
    • bubbly82
      I just use canna A&B all the way through mate, a bit of rhizotonic early on til theyre in the final pots really, some hesi powerzyme, and some hesi boost from week 2 flowering to about week 5, then just A&B reducing it down to when its time to flush   I find this works for me, might not be getting a gpw but im well happy with the flavours/ end product   all the best 
    • Muppet