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Growrooms and mum boxes in progress.

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    • bongme
      hi   Insta King, Dan Bilzerian tries to dominate the cannabis market in the U.K.     The Instagram star, Dan Bilzerian boasts of a wealthy lifestyle with multiple businesses running successfully that fuel his passions and interests. Popularly known for his lavish lifestyle and girlfriends, he is quite a sensation on the Internet with a following of more than 27.5 million followers on Instagram.      The wealthy, muscular and perma tanner American has been dubbed the King of Instagram for showcasing his life that is filled to the brim with extravagant parties, yachts, fast cars, adventure sports and guns while constantly surrounded by a posse of near-naked, attractive women. Currently, he is in the UK trying to enter the nascent cannabis market with his brand Ignite.  The company is already well-established in the US and Canada, selling vaping liquids and e-cigs, lip balms and edible drops which contain a hemp extract known as cannabidiol or CBD. The US federal government legalized the compound in December 2018 under the Farm Bill Act by removing it from the list of Controlled Substances. Since then CBD has been trending product in the consumer market with companies rushing to try and exploit of what is envisioned to become a booming commercial market in the coming years.    While recreational use of marijuana remains illegal in most parts of the world, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound which means it can’t get the user high. It is legal to sell CBD in the UK, given that companies do not market their products with claims about medical benefits and it contains no more than 0.2% of THC, the compound which gets people high.  Industry experts evaluate Ignite’s current value at around £90m which implies that it has a great potential to dominate a market that is still at an early stage. But the firm’s success has filled Carly Barton, a campaigner for people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, with dread. She even pulled out of a conference after discovering that Bilzerian was speaking at it.  Barton comes with a strong opinion saying that the industry is at its initial stage and people now have the freedom to shape the foundational layer on which the coming generations or brands would work. But to let people walk in with a parade of girls around products seems an inappropriate manner to market products or grow as a business, especially with a delicate substance as the CBD.  The major form of marketing for Ignite is done via Bilzerian’s personal social media feeds where he promotes his brand’s products. His feed entails posts which evoke a bygone era of the 1960s, where women didn’t have the right to equality, freedom or be liberal as they do now. To see a massive following of 27.5 million people despite the intimidating pictures and videos is quite surprising. Not many people support Bilzerian’s notions and ideologies.    Just like some famous superhero characters, Bilzerian lives alone in a palatial mansion, maintains a clean shaved body throughout the year to boast his bulky muscles and takes regular stem cell injections to treat his sports injuries.    However, contradicting to his online image, he is surprisingly low key with a subtle tone of language. His calm features were quite visible at the extravagant launch party of Ignite. Reported to have cost £500,000, the party was majorly dominated by young, beautiful women taking rounds among industry workers.    Bilzerian is relatively open when it comes to his style of promoting products or even his lifestyle. The young ladies are a part of an arrangement that he makes no secret of. In 2018, he ran a nationwide U.S. competition offering $100,000 year-long contracts to 10 women who would go on to represent the brand.  Bilzerian says that he hires models for marketing his products. To him it is an important thing to have attractive women who are appealing to most men on the marketing platform. His former girlfriend has now become Ignite’s leading sales person. He argues that leveraging the beauty of young women to attract men is the right kind of advertising for his brand, especially for his  social media following that consists of an overwhelming majority of males aged between 18 to 35.   Bilzerian seems to be less forthcoming on whether his particular vision of masculinity and manhood is the ideal one. Instead he argues that he doesn’t pressurize anyone to do anything for him, it’s up to individual people to take the job or to buy the product.    Currently, there are no regulatory reforms or frameworks that can control and stabilize the cannabis industry, says the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC). According to CMC, the CBD market in the U.K. is currently valued at £300m a year. It is estimated to skyrocket to £1bn by 2025.   https://thecannabisradar.com/bilzerian-dominate-cannabis-market/1922/   Bongme 
    • bongme
      hi   Two women jailed for running West Norfolk cannabis factory ordered to pay back a total of £385   Two women involved in running a cannabis factory in West Norfolk have been ordered to pay back just £385 - most of which will be raised by selling cars for scrap.   Norwich Crown Court heard how Lauren Brazier, 33, and Charlotte Sieley, 30, were found in a locked unit with eight mature cannabis plants when police raided a farm at Langhorn's Lane, Outwell, in June 2016. When officers searched the outbuildings at the site they found more cannabis plants in various stages of growth, with a potential of producing cannabis with a street value of £120,000 to £160,000. Brazier, of The Drove, Downham Market, and Sieley, of The Poplars, Elm, were both jailed for 32 months, in November, last year, after admitting production of cannabis. The pair were back at Norwich Crown Court on Friday for a confiscation hearing to claw back some of the cash made from the operation, Brazier and Sieley appeared over a video link from Peterborough jail. Marc Brown, prosecuting, said the benefit figure for Brazier was put at nearly £57,000 but she had no assets, so he said the amount to be confiscated should be the nominal amount of £10. He said the benefit figure for Sieley was also put at just over £50,000, but again she had no assets apart from three cars which could be sold at auction for scrap and she was ordered to pay £375.   Gwen Williamson appeared for Sieley and Brazier and said the order for both women had been agreed. Judge Andrew Shaw made the order and gave them each three months to pay. He said that Sieley should serve an extra seven days in default of not making the payment and Brazier should serve one day. He also ordered the destruction of the drugs and growing equipment. At the pair's sentencing hearing the cannabis factory was described as a "professional" and large-scale operation. Richard Kelly, prosecuting, said that the set-up meant plants were divided into different growing stages in a "conveyor belt" system. In his sentencing remarks Judge Shaw told the women that it was a sizable operation and said: "It was a commercial cannabis growing enterprise aptly described as a well-oiled operation." However he accepted both women were now full of remorse.   https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/women-who-ran-cannabis-factory-back-in-court-1-6169924   Bongme   
    • FatBoy77
      Correct man.  Flushing is something you can use as a corrective measure.  You said you were planning on doing it more frequently on your next grow.  That's why I said its not a good idea in soil, its a needs must situation.  Feed less and you won't need to flush.
    • Jack010
      I didn’t realise till after plant out that it was like it.   Tamping actually as I tunnelled through bramble for ages to get in and it turns out that theres a gap in the tree line which you can get to the wall and climb on the wall cos of a mud bank against the wall. (a wall goes all the way along plot side) So you can see the plants. If your willing to balance on the wall and walk through branches and brambles a few feet you’d see all the plants.    Its had me worried all season, if plot makes the season end, I’m going to dig the mud bank and plant brambles and nettles and others which will stop people from climbing