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PH or Nutrient Burn?

Hi Guys,

So currently I am panicking. I've have searched the internet and can not find anything that looks like what I have.
Currently using Canna Pro Plus alongside Canna Terra and Flores. I'm at the start of the 3rd week into flower.

I water them regularly every 3/4 days and I've been feeding them 1.1/1.3 EC canna Terra. I watered them at 1.6 EC Canna Flores for the first time yesterday as Canna Personal Grow guide has told me to. I'm wondering if this is nutrient burn or PH issue?

I don't PH regulate my water as the soil has a natural PH buffer in (Apparently) however I was regulating this between the weeks of 2-4 using Hydroponics up or down between the regions of 6.2/6.8. I briefly thought this may have killed the microorganisms in the soil but I have had no problems until now week 9. They had 6 weeks veg.


Oddly it does only seem to have affected 3 out of 10

These symptoms are appearing at the top of the plant and the leaves that are colored have gone almost soggy and orange, 

Any input would be massively appreciated


(I have no idea how upload a photo. If anyone could help a brother)

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Isn't canna pro plus coco? Not soil?



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13 hours ago, highguy42093 said:

(I have no idea how upload a photo. If anyone could help a brother)


Hi @highguy42093


You can post photos by going to your profile. You should see three tabs - the one furthest to the right is for photographs, so click that. You can start a new album from here and there are tools to upload photos - once you have browsed and uploaded there are a few stages - just to name the files and such, you can skip across these. Once your done there, reply the thread you have started here and when/where you want to insert a photo, look to the lower right of the window you are writing in - click 'insert other media' - that gives two options, you want to use 'insert existing attachment' - that will take you to the photo albums section - click once on the image you want to insert, then click the finish/save (I forget what its called exactly) and your done...


Have a wee read of photo rules for allowable size etc.



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OH!! I meant to say...


I've never fed as high as ec 1.6 - but, I can't say if that's an issue for you or not...


If the plant is showing signs up top, from what I understand, that's not likely to be nute burn because that shows first in the lower leaves as a browning of the tips that creeps along the leaves and up the plant unless addressed.


Soggy sounds bad mate - I'm doubting bud rot as you won't really have buds, but soggy sounds like a cellular failure of some kind - what are your temps and humidity levels?


Just thinking allowed...


Try to get a few detailed pics up and as much info as you can and I'm sure you'll get some insights and suggestions...


Good luck!

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