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Found 48 results

  1. Salutations DynaVap (VC) & IH-driven DiY enthousiasts!! , Recently i happened to comment various topics which i'd illustrate as follows, essentially: Now lets make an effort to stimulate the imaginations of a DynaVap-focussed audience, eventually. For starters i'd suggest starting with my conclusion linking metal susceptor mass to its elevation of temperature, while considering specific heat capacity to be practically constant over the range of application (hopefully)... If you're a "1-Hitter" who expects a single 20 mg toke from a single temporarily-stored IH-driven "Heat Charge" then perhaps you may also accept that the hard fact that DynaVap's present VapCap alone just weights too much already when compared to my ¾g 17-Holes Metal Disc, at least 5-fold using a 500+ Watts IH driver if delays are to remain compatible with the sort of "Micro-Bursting" i get access to myself, thanks to the power of fire as well. The juxtaposition of Silicon Carbide foam and fire is patented intellectual property owned by Dan Steinberg (VaporGenie's inventor), but i yet have to find references which legally forbid IH-driven scenarios based on electromagnetic power injection combining SiC foam technology in absence of fire, precisely. So, it seems to me this idea is worth a direct response to a basic question: how much does the DynaVap Circumferential Compression Diffuser Screen weight exactly? And even better yet, what's the VapCap internal metal contact-surface area actually converting temporarily-stored energy from conductive/radiative vectors to a more convenient re-balanced mix of convective, radiative and conductive factors interacting in a context of delayed heat transfers and other transitional events that i find puzzling enough to recourse to a DiY challenge (read invitation rather than ultimatum!)... Pardon me if i must sound crude but i'd investigate radical transformations centered on the helix path inside a VapCap if that needs to remain the main source of temporarily-stored energy, which implies cutting the rest of its metal handle, if not trimming a VapCap's mass down by removing wasted contact-surface somehow... Honestly i feel challenged myself all the sudden, not to mention it would cause the loss of DynaVap's most desirable feature under the circumstances: its audible clicks! But then i'd respectfully point out that a custom-designed IH driver may as well "scan" the susceptor during some "calibration phase" with the purpose to adjust IH power injection in such way to match the Heat Charge to its final cannabis Workload. It turns out DynaVap can certainly attempt to selectect Curie-effect alloys to enhance the electro-magnetic scanner process relatively to temperature - which is the point where to connect with my last (formula) picture. Briefly put it's an exceptional opportunity ignored for no fair motives. So, honestly, if i were as much an enthousiast DynaVap VapCap owner than i'm a Customized VaporGenie Micro-Bursting user then i'd suddenly feel an ugent need to verify what the weight of my CCD Screen inside. If lucky it's near to 0.75 grams and i've gained sufficient perspective to strongly insist that DV CCD Screens get evaluated in a context where Loto Labs (Evoke/Lux) AND Dr. Dabber (Switch) flatly failed in terms of Dry Herb, so far... No doubt the DV CCD Screen can be inserted pretty much the same as i do with my 17-Holes Metal Disc inside the Hybrid Core - and then lets also consider a single IH driver coil may as well manage with 2!... That's where the fun becomes obvious at last, once the trained eye knows where to look: e.g. a single cannabic bowl can undergo pulse-heating from both sides and inflict the convective heat vector a change of 90 degrees while it serves as a Release/Transport Agent, releasing noble goodies through "The Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation" effectively. You can't do that with a genuine DV VC as sold, yet in all fairness i'll admit it's not specifically designed to get IH-driven neither. Who knows, perhaps if users stare long enough they'll realize too that it's actually been done before, just not yet. Good day, have fun!!
  2. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    In pulse mode "Micro-Bursting" the heat pulse is already buit-up before it modes into a bowl to be flooded by it only while it passes through, little energy at all transfers to this bowl otherwise, which differs significantly from other more popular scenarios...
  3. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    Dated 2019-Jun-1. Illustrating why it's so difficult to correctly align in 3D...
  4. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    M'well, i finally realized PinHole functions had to be swapped around as it feels much more logical to lift my left-hand thumb during the pre-heat phase than it would to lift my index instead - not to mention it also feels more convenient to "pump" using the middle index section (located between my distal interphalangeal and proximal interphalangeal joints, e.g. right under this finger's "flexor tendon"): otherwise i'd actually happen to be moving my index tip closer to a torch flame and that just didn't seem right. Hence reversing roles to make it a lot safer, if not more intuitive.
  5. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    Dated 2019-May-31. Dated 2019-May-31. Solving a complex 3D routing method via a most agressive (yet time-efficient!) way...
  6. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    Dated 2019-May-23. A copper O-Ring appears to be all it takes to seal this internal On-Top Core-PinHole path atempted on VaporGenie's Classic-look Aluminium handle.
  7. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    Dated 2019-May-23. Pay attention to the emergence of an internal On-Top Core-PinHole path reaching its bowl's associated counterpart (right on the aperture's edge, mostly white besides VG's contrasting black main genuine channel)...
  8. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    Dated 2019-May-16. Although that's a FAILED eperiment it clearly suggests the next step to implement, which can only be performed correctly by the manufacturer himself IMHO!
  9. From the album "Plan-B" (Bi-Energy IH compatible) Prototyping Platform

    Initially dated 2017-Jan-13, revision date: 2019-Apr-23. Go figure, 2-Hands / 3-Fingers PH operation may also happen to be an option!