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Spicy extract.


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Made some extract the other day, purged it as usual, left it rest for a few days.

Last night decarbed 1g of it and infused it in 10g coconut oil. Smoking it makes my chest bad so I eat it.

Had some last night and thought wow there is a spicy kick to it as I got stoned I dismissed the spice and put eat down to possibly something else I ate.

Anyway just had some more and it's even hotter, just as it hits the back of my throat, actually thinking about it, it's rather nice.

To the point or I could be here all night, has anyone else experienced this?


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Never heard of spicy extract before, I know you get peppery/spicy terps as I’m not a fan of them but they don’t give off any heat.
wonder if it’s possible it can react with the coconut oil or the coconut oil has come on contact with somthing spicy and picked the heat up? 

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Thc has a bit of a sharp taste to it but I wouldn’t describe it as spicy, more like chemically. Try getting a bit of distillate stuck on your teeth tastes awful 

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