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what fan for running twin air cooled reflectors

Subliminal Criminal

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in my next grow room i will have seperate veg and flower areas..

i want to use two powerplant aero wing reflectors... or something similar..

would one 6in fan at around 500m3/hr do it or would i need two, one for each reflector..

one will be 600w hps the other will be 600w mh

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Guessing there air cooled shades?

Will that be just running through the lights and out or, attached to the filter for extraction too?

I'm currently running 600w in a gold star hood, in a 3x4ish space, with a 700m/h and carbon filter, and that controls temps well at the mo, but I'd like to upgrade to 8inch really for the warmer months.

Mine is a smaller space then most tho, only about 5.5 foot tall, so guessing the heat would be less of an issue in a "full sized" tent, ie 1.2 X1.2 x 2 or bigger

Atb ✌️

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