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Is this a hermie? What shall I do?


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Hey people,

Can you please check the image below, is this a hermie? This is a Big Buddha Blue Chese, day 55 in flower. Spotted those things yesterday. I'm not an experienced grower as this is my first ever grow but I'm sure that I'd have noticed those earlier if they were there. I'm examining those girls every time I water them and lately was checking buds under the microscope so most likely those "balls" appeared very recently.

If this is a hermie shall I just cut and dry this plant?


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your alright @LemonThai its those little fuckers and/or multiples of highlighted in the picture above you need to worry about! :yep:


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also usually them calyx's grow way before your actual buds so they should have been there for a long time now

they grow at the base of the side branches ect

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Thank you guys. This makes my life easier. If it were hermie I would not be surprised. Those girls went through a lot of stress during their life. My son had left them to die when I was away. They all looked pretty dead but somehow I managed to revive them. And recently me myself left the window opened during the night and let the temperature drop to 16c. Apparently they much more resilient than I thought. They have huge frosty heads like cola cans in size.:)

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