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Foliar feeding

Guest mrtibbs

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Guest mrtibbs

I have been reading a lot about Foliar feeding, and thinking about it feels abnormal that most of us indoor growers don't use it.

I was just wondering who one here uses it, what nutes they have used and how it turned out.

As a small test I have a few on the go and they all look happy....apart from one plant. Gave him his first spray earlier on 7mm canna rhizotonic to 1l of water too see it it has an effect.

Was just wondering what anyone elses views are on the subject and why you either do or don't use it, say up to 2 weeks into flower anyway.

Examples would be great, especially using the Canna line, but all advice is welcomed.

Thanks people :)

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i have done it, even in flowering... dont see a problem as long as the buds arnt sat wet and cold...

if you do it just before lights on then what isnt taken up by the leaves will evaporate.

i have used molasses and pm grow and bloom ..to foliar feed.

also tried it with a low dose of bio silicon.

i think it works well with deficiencies as the uptake is quicker than roots..

however i left my spray bottle in the tent once and a couple of days later it smelt like earwax..urgh!

I know there will be a lot of people who would never do this.....

but if you never do anything different to anyone else you will always do things the same way.

I also have the PM essence spray, but have not used that yet... i think thats for vegetative only..

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