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Watering tips

Junior grow 420

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Just started growing, only had one harvest so far, Im watering when they're dry but I need some basic watering techniques as I don't feel I'm doing it right

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This is what I do, wet dry cycle pour water evenly around pot till I get a little bit of run off, its that simple hope this helps

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Well possible things are the temperature of the water, not quite warm but not cold and sometimes possible watering it too quickly as I have heard that doing it over time is a lovely way to water the plant, so I'd take them out of my cupboard and water them in the bath every now and again. Or shall I do that every time?

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As long as the water isn't freezing or boiling you should be fine.

It is better to water slowly and allow the plants to sit in the run off for a short period (20 minutes or so). This way they will take up all the water they want. If you just pour it over quickly and don't allow them to soak they will just dry out quicker (not ideal, but not going to be the end of the world either).

As long as you are not leaving them sat in run off for hours/days then you should be good :yep:

I use clay pebbles on top of my soil after being recommended on here. It's stops the top layer drying out too quickly.

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