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The Motavation

This past winter I was confronted with a major dilemma, I had little summer bud to hold me over through the winter. I decided to sprout some new test beans from Gerrit of Magus Genetics. Motavation is Magus Genetics newest release and is fathered by the award winning Warlock; Magus Genetics flagship strain. Motavation is a smoking experience that must be experienced in order to be understood Ah, how I need to feel some of those Motavation Pot Grooves!

Gerrit peaked my interest when he told me about this strain he has been developing. He had worked on his newest strain for three years and had finally perfected itMotavation is mostly Indica with a soaring heady high and would be one of the greatest strains Gerrit had ever developed!

Every grow that I have completed, has taught me new facets of this most glorious plant. I like to study and read every book and magazine I can get my hands on involving pot growing. I also try to stay on top of different techniques and learn about what other growers are doing around the world. Growing outdoors has provided me a greater sense of what I am actually trying to recreate when growing indoors. Mother Nature has a magnificent way of giving life to new generations of plants from previous years fallen crops. This cycle is perfect in every way Marijuana is a dioecious annual plant that will thrive anywhere given the chance. However, when it comes to the specially hybridized resin coated pot plants we love to see in our favourite magazines, experience is unbeatable when trying to perfect the growing cycle.

Twelve Motavation (Mota) beans were planted, in early December, in coco fiber. Eight of the Mota seeds turned out to be female. I wanted to experiment with a different type of hydro system called feed to waste. After many weeks of research reading books and searching blogs on the internet, I decided to grow on an elevated slanted table in 5 gallon buckets with a drip irrigation system coupled with a non-recirculating system. In previous grows, I had a difficult time balancing my nutrient reservoirs due to the waste being dumped back into the tank. My goal was to set my cycle-stat timer to the point of watering where there was no run-off to my waste bucket. I later found out that the Australian chaps down under had started doing the same thing! Go Figure.

The medium of choice for this grow would be 50% coco fiber and 50% grow rocks. This would be the yin and yang between water retention and water drainage. High quality pot loves lots of drainage for its delicate root system. The containers of choice would be the easy to find 5 gallon painters buckets fitted with inch 90 degree fittings which would drain the excess fluid to a waiting waste container.

The lighting I chose was a combination of three lights consisting of two 1000w HPS and 600w MH; for a total of 2600w for 15 plants on a 5 foot by 9 foot raised grow table. One thing I have observed in the past and confirmed with top growers from around the world is that a healthier plant is produced by combining both light spectrums in flowering. In other words, higher yields! Optimum growroom conditions in every stage of growth are the key to growing high-yielding plants.

The Motavation seedlings stayed in the vegetation state of growing for 40 days before being put into flowering. During this time they were given Canna Hydro Vega nutes, Pro-tekt, and Hygrozyme. The Hygozyme makes the roots explode at rapid growth rate! The Mota plants were about 15-18 inches tall when placed into flowering in the middle of January 2005. During the first two weeks of flowering the Mota plants doubled in size while being given half strength Canna Vega Nutes. As an experiment, I marked some of the bamboo stakes used to support the branches of the Motavation plants with a black marker to see the actual overnight growth. Some of the plants grew 1 inch overnight.

After the first two weeks of flowering, the plants were switched to Canna Flora Nutes only. Explosive flower production was realized along with the start of what would be Excessive resin production. The lower 25% of bottom vegetative growth was trimmed away. This helped to focused all plant energy to the top 75% of growth. An average of 15 bamboo stakes were used to support each Mota plants branches. One Mota plant directly under a 1000w HPS used 25 stakes for branches.

Flowering consisted of six weeks half-strength Canna Flora Nutes and during the sixth week PK13-14 was added for extra Potassium & Phosphorus. In other words, the Mota plants grew a greater quantity of Calyxes. By this point the lower branches had filled out the available space and soaked up all available light on the grow table. By this point I was rolling pure grass bombers and rubbing them against the colas in order to taste the fresh headys! This is an excellent way to get taste of a complex and powerful high unlike any other

The Mota grows very even in shape with side branches becoming as tall as the center cola. Mota starts developing resin during week 2. So much resin develops on the buds and surrounding secondary leaves that the secondary leaves petioles were covered w/resin. I clipped a bud to sample on day 49 and turned the bud upside down and thought the plant had a white mold problem-to my surprise this white mold was in fact a heavy-thick layer of resin glands!

The POWER of the Motavation Colas can take even the most experienced pot smoker to the next level in a devastating highness. Mota is so flavorful that these diamond buds change its flavor intensity when smoked using a grinder than when smoked clipped from the bud one feels a stoned ecstasy Motavation is what Great weed is supposed to taste like!

Peace Out, Mosca Negra

P.S. Motavation Won the 2005 IC Indica Growers Cup in Amsterdam.

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