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PHOTO CONTEST !!!! Seeds for winners ! Closed May 30th

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1 hour ago, stu914 said:


I've got one of these in my stash (also a freebie)...can't see that being germed any time soon...if ever!! :nope:


Every strain chucks out a mutant/runt from time to time, I wouldn't judge a breeder on freebies given out in unbranded packaging.


@paradiseseeds Lets turn this into a diary competition. I would definitely be keen to try a few of your beans out.

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In defence of paradise seeds they have done seeds for diaries give aways before but admittedly it was a long time ago.. 




Is there a current/valid discount code for uk420 members to use on your website?? 


A small discount is often all that is required to encourage people to try new things.. 


And are you currently able to ship to the UK consistently and successfully?  I ask as some breeders are struggling in this regard it seems, so if you can say for certain that you are that too might sway some people to try your strains.. 


Oh and stickers.. Folks around here do love a free sticker aye! lol


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@paradiseseeds you ask what people expect from you here , I am going to ask what do you expect from here when it’s been quiet for years ? I’m sure people would do diaries for you just seems odd for you to ask that imho . With your posts I don’t click them as it is always a link to your website which is fair enough , but maybe the articles here would help as people like me would maybe read them then . 

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I knew I'd done some paradise before... 


Albeit not very well.. lol




Not a great effort on my behalf so I can understand if paradise are a bit reluctant to give freebies away when there are fuck ups like me about lol



That said I would really love a crack at the sensi star if the opportunity ever arose :wassnnme:

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You might find the experienced growers have got plans of their own.  I'd think about asking for anyone interested to post a link to their diary, then you can have a good look without any hassle. 

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I've just started my first Paradise bean (Sensi Star), what with so many seed breeders about it's difficult to try all of them. Nothing personal :) 


I doubt a seedling picture will win, although if i'm the only entrant it might :toldya:

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"Hi everyone !

We heard your feedback and requests, thanks for letting us know.

We have been preparing for a special coupon code for you, and it's ready now!

Special for UK420 users, we give everyone an exclusive 15% discounts valid for all seeds!

Please use this code: UK15PARADISE420.

We wish you a wonderful day!


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