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White Widow x The Ultimate test grow by Chemist

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Just caught up with this Chemist, all looking cool & nice & healthy, be interesting to see how they progress.

Good luck bud. :yinyang:


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Looking very nice mate lovely looking plants good luck with the rest of it man :smokin: cheezehead :bong:

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well hello again all how you doing

right then first up

cheezehead 1982`hydro2` Herbal Kint`zion1986`cheers all for stopping in and the support

im pleased to say all the girls are fine and happy in there 6ltr pots getting fed 1.5 ml fishmix and some biosilicon and seaweed whn i remember also putt them into some plantmagic soil

only took pics off 4 do other 1 when she`s out

post-49751-0-48384600-1335035543_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-55755800-1335035547_thumb.jpg


post-49751-0-69301500-1335035669_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-91239500-1335035672_thumb.jpg


post-49751-0-59673100-1335035680_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-27638900-1335035684_thumb.jpg


post-49751-0-10769100-1335035692_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-56535100-1335035696_thumb.jpg

there you have it bushing up nice id say

atb people peace to you all :smokin: C

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Super fat leaves Chemist.

Had my beans out today actually, gave them a stoke, not long now my pretties. ;)


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Looking very nice so far. You have done a lovely job with them Chemist, keep it going mate....

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Picture of health dude keep it up man. Nelly

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cheers budelaire and nelly

hello tony cheers mate i just feed and talk to them they just happily pottering along now

next batch just gone into 1 ltr pots

post-49751-0-98153400-1335917014_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-32472500-1335917017_thumb.jpg

basking with some other dudes


Edited by chemist
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heres the big girls just going into flower

opps :wallbash: wot a numpty i is turns out theres only 4 girls after all ive now named them for future identification

?1 40cm tall

post-49751-0-63809400-1335917507_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-59296200-1335917509_thumb.jpg


?2 48 cm tall

post-49751-0-09008200-1335917515_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-36504800-1335917517_thumb.jpg


?3 40cm

post-49751-0-50466500-1335917734_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-67787200-1335917736_thumb.jpg


?4 also 40cm tall

post-49751-0-61695400-1335917741_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-50451600-1335917744_thumb.jpg


so there you go i`ll be back soon atb :hippy: C

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Looking sexy chemist,

Very healthy and a picture of symetry.. How long did you veg your babies for?

Cant wait to see the size of the buds of her.. Big ultimate buds + The frosty goodness of widows ;)



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Indeed - looking like they are being very well looked after chemist. I love those big leaves too, always a sign of strength in a plant. It gets more interesting for me as it goes on! Thank you and please keep it up

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Picture of health mate :bong: Lovey work

Hope your cool


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Looking good chemist :yep: Keep up the good work.

ATB Zion86 :smokin:

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good evening all hope you all enjoyed a long weekend

MrSparkles thanks for your kind words man.they first sprouted on the 16th of march so thats about 6 weeks i think

cheers Tony i shall do me best with them giv them another week or so and trim some of the lower stuff off as you say its the exciting bit now

D N B cheers mate i is good as can be mate

thanks again Zion86 mate

post-49751-0-92068200-1336420378_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-32165700-1336420380_thumb.jpg

righty ho then hear we are they are now at 1w and 3 days

?1 now 80cm

post-49751-0-88854900-1336420723_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-74913200-1336420724_thumb.jpg


?2 101cm

post-49751-0-47893600-1336420726_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-36551000-1336420727_thumb.jpg


? 96cm

post-49751-0-82622300-1336420811_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-38015300-1336420813_thumb.jpg


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post-49751-0-58929900-1336421354_thumb.jpg post-49751-0-94085700-1336421743_thumb.jpg


there u have it c u in about a week

atb :spliff: C

Edited by chemist

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Some Big Girls them are C :D

The WW x U looks to be a big sturdy strain, I am well happy with the girls I found

1m tall is a big girl indeed, Hopefully means Huge Buds come finish time :guitar:


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