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Want to save money on nutes?

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#1 Dodgee


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 10:56 AM

Sorry if this has already been mentioned in the past, or if it just seems like common sense to most of you!

I only realised today the savings to be made by buying nutrients it the larger size packs, i always knew it was cheaper but didnt realise how much!!!

By ordering a 5 litre bottle of ot organic bloom as opposed to a 1 litre bottle u save 14.76...

A 1 litre bottle of evo compared to 8 of the smallest size ones represents a saving of 25.50, the 5 litre bottle is on offer and is even more of a saving again..

You can save 12 quid by ordering a litre of bio silicon as opposed to the 250/500ml bottles..

All these savings are calculated using greens horticulture prices, if your in with yr local grow shop it may be possible to save even more...

Its worth saying that not all the beneficials have such good savings to be made but i guess they cost more to produce..

Like i said sorry if this is obvious to most, but as i saved myself over 50 quid today i thought i'd share, just incase anyone else is still doing the same as i was and just ordering the bare minimum...

Hope this helps some of you,

ATB Dodgee

#2 Conspiracy23


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 11:16 AM

You are saving on postage as well remember, if buying online/ from Green's
£4.95 delivery each time so another £19.80 saving, as it would be only one compared to five delivery charges.

e2a just checked and it's now £5.95 for delivery from the place that sends everything in a big brown box, so it's saving £23.80

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#3 Dodgee


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 12:15 PM

Good call on the delivery prices there c23, i actually ordered and picked mine up in store so saved a bit more again, i just thought i'd use the greens pricelist as an example, as thats who alot of people on here use..

Your right tho even if theres an increased charge due to the extra weight, the delivery fee must be cheaper on 1 delivery as opposed to 4/5..

ATB Dodgee

e2a i posted this in the pm section as they were the nutes i bought but there are similar savings to be had on all brands of products maybe a mod will see fit to move to a more appropriate section...?

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#4 Herbsman


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 12:29 PM

True, there are savings to be made, however, please remember the shelf life and affects of exposure to air, light etc. If you aint using loads it could be a false economy.

I would recommend pouring some into another bottle (old one washed out)and put the 5ltr away in the dark somewhere so yr not opening it all the time.

#5 zukhov


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 09:50 PM

Whats the shelf life of OT nutes?

#6 Saddam


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 10:21 PM

My local hydro shop gets it's prices out the phone book though..

#7 PureSmkr


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 10:26 PM

I keep 5l Grow and 5l Bloom in the garage and refill 1 of each of the litre bottles I used to buy, as & when I need it. I get compost in bulk too, It's nice to know you won't have to be visiting the hydro shop too regularly.

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