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Posted (edited)

So the 2021 season is now upon us, and the time has come for us gorillas to get at 1 with nature and do what we do best... so let's do this...

Big thanks to @panik for inviting me into the RGSC outdoor competition and also for all the hard work put into creating these vars for guys like me to grow. First time in a comp for me so I will do my very best to do these beans justice and hopefully grow some beautiful plants that make my fellow guerrillas proud. 

Good luck to all and everyone entering the comp, I look forward to reading all your diarys and sharing your experiences as the season moves on.. exciting times guys and girls :yinyang:

So the vars I will be running in this diary are as follows..


Purple freeze bx1

Fast zkittles 

Opg x freezeland

The plan for these is to grow them out on my main plot, the plot is pretty established now after a few seasons and always seems to produce big fuk off trees as opposed to plants so this should be interesting.. 

All my plants will be grown and fed organically and watered from the nearby brook if and when needed. Germination will take place in the next week or so as temps are still very low for this time of year. I want to give these beans the best possible chance of rewarding me to there full potential so feel this to be the correct approach to take. I will be documenting everything i do in growing these girls out including pics from start to finish of there progress. I welcome all advice from anyone who wants to give it as we will never stop learning in this game.. questions will always be answered so feel free to reach out if there is anything you want to no that hasn't been explained.

I just wanted to get this going so will be updating in due course once I got some beans wet.. anyone interested in the finer details I have another diary running that will be getting updated regularly with practically everything I have done and the steps taken to achieve it. 

So there you have it welcome to....

Revives RGSC outdoors antics... let the games begin :yinyang:

To be continued...

Peace out dudes and dudettes, have a cracking Bank Holiday and keep it green :yep:


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Good luck mate 

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4 minutes ago, Ccs141 said:

Good luck mate 

Thanks bro.. you going in it?

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Right you lovely bunch just a small update here for now.. been getting the urge for me beans.. yes you all know what I'm talking about, another bloody habit is forming lollol

Well after a bit of thought I realised 1 of the strains I wanted last year was rgsc royal mazar.. I completely forgot I wanted this in the mix but just read an old convo I had with @panik last year and its jogged my ageing stoned nut.. well I don't have the room for much more but thought fuk it I no what ill do ill grab some auto mazar and squeeze them in somewhere.. so to add another ingredient to this years antics i will now be running as follows

Auto mazar


purple freeze bx1 

fast zkittles 

Opg x freezland 

Time is getting on now so this weekend I will be getting some beans wet.. hopefully I get the auto mazar in the next week so these will get germed with my other autos once they arrive..

Hmm i forgot now I got more fuking holes to dig lollol there's a job going for a blindfolded gg labourer if anyone wants it lol free weed, as much as you can smoke.. free PPE and tools, well some wellies and spade.. free work uniform, I am relaxed about this 1 so you can ware your own cammo clothing and you will get a free cloth sack for your head lol apply within ;) right thats me for now, back some time over the weekend to kick this off.. the time has come to show our skills once again, hopefully we all have a great season and another year of self sufficiency in some beautiful organic sun grown bud.. have a great day folks and stay keen in keeping it green :yinyang:



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Hey folks im back for a small update. Hope your all having a blinding day weather that be getting stoned and chilling  out or out in the wild tending to your gardens..weather is a bit better now, is it warming up at last? Seems about time right :toldya: well I feel a bit behind looking at everyone else's diary's but have a lot of diff bits and pieces to get sorted still.. we are getting there now.. today I been sorting out what is going out this season. I have a fair bit of variety this time around so it should be an interesting season ;)

This diary will be focused on the  RGSC vars I will be growing altbough if I haven't already said I do have another diary running that will fill in the gaps so to spk if anyone is interested.. so for starters let's meet the ladys taking part this season, just waiting on the post for the last 1 to land so mazar auto from RGSC will be added and documented here :yep:


I originally wanted to wet some beans this weekend but I do like to try and be as organised as poss so wanted to feel ready rather than rushed.. today I harvested some willow to make some willow water.. for anyone who is not familiar with what this is basically it is a homemade root hormone/stimulator.. 100% Organic of course and very effective.. for anyone who read my diary last season will know I started experimenting with this on a damaged plant that got munched by my lizard and was really having trouble growing, was tiny and miles behind.. I feed her willow water and she took off, infact grew bigger and taller overtaking the other.. it was also very healthy looking in comparison and drinking more if my memory serves me right.. this can only be due to the improved root structure and development because of the willow water.. so I was convinced this is deffo worth the effort.. my plan for this is at an earlier stage this year.. after my seeds have been soaked in tepid water for 24hours they will be going onto cotton wool pads soaked in willow water and into containers for germination.. they will then be feed this once they are above the dirt diluted 50/50 with water when needed.

The willow water will be ready in 24 hours so once the beans are out of soak we are good to go. Here it is brewing up.. will be making more plus this will be diluted as said..


So here is where we are for now.. time to baptise some beans later I think.. gonna try and get another plot visit in this eve if poss so will be back this eve to show some more pics of my germination process where there being kept and so forth.. so im off to get some more bits done.. could quite easily roll another banger and veg out on here for the rest of the eve but that won't get shit done. I'm still gonna roll a banger but I'll have it on the move ;)

I'll be back.. keep it green guys :yinyang:

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