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Cop who ate cannabis during raid a ‘complete idiot’



Cop who ate cannabis during raid a ‘complete idiot’


A Toronto police officer who ate a cannabis-laced chocolate bar seized during a raid was described as a “complete idiot” by a judge. Vittorio Dominelli pleaded guilty to attempting to obstruct justice in connection with the incident at an illegal marijuana dispensary. Justice Mary Misener, who presided over the case, said: “From the point of view of public interest, the impact is profound,” she said. “The conduct here you cannot describe as anything other than stupid … He was just a complete idiot.”

Beery pals stuck at sea on mattress

Two friends had to be rescued after the blow-up mattress drifted further out to sea then they had planned. Jackson Perry and Noah Palmer found themselves stranded in the Indian Ocean on Australia’s west coast for almost three hours with just each other, some beer and a dying phone for company. They contacted a friend who rushed to pick them up on his jet ski. They advise anyone who likes drinking at sea on a mattress to “definitely check the wind forecast before anything”.

Man breaks record for water jump

A 21-year-old Egyptian man has set the world record for the highest jump out of water wearing a monofin, recording an impressive leap of 2.3m. Omar Sayed Shaaban was the first to break the record in nine years. It was previously held by Cesare Fumarola, Stefano Figini, both from Italy, and fellow Egyptian Soliman Sayed, all of whom managed a jump of 2m.






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The old Drug Squad used to pay grasses with bars of hash in the old days

According to court reports getting busted in stourport upon severn was a bad idea they wen't to down on a guy with what they claimed was 0.1g of hash 


Some cops world over are cunts and should have been weeded out long times ago but thats not our most societies order their police


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