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Auto recommendation

Hi all, posting on behalf of a friend. She wants to grow autos in greenhouse for edibles. Can anyone recommend a strain that will produce good yields, medium/high thc, low/med cbd? 
thanks for any advice 

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Have a look back through old threads throughtout the outdoor sections and see what has worked for people in the past, theres a lot of "what should I grow" or "what are people running this year" threads to look through. Greenhouses get really humid so you'll want particularly mould resistant strains and Ideally some kind of humidity control in the greenhouse. Autos dont tend to be the most mould resistant and they're prone to being stunted by stress, I'd recommend some fast finishing photos over most autos any day of the week, fast versions/FVs/semi auto strains are the names they tend to go by. Good luck

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Thanks MindSoup for advice, I’ll take a look at recommendations and advise my friend. She doesn’t smoke weed but loves to bake edibles, she wants a fast yield I think as her stocks are low. That’s why I suggested autos as you can leave them in greenhouse over summer without worrying about light schedules. Cheers for help 


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