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IWS RDWC Pro Info & Advice

Hi Everyone, this is my first post so be gentle :-)

So a little back story, I've been growing now for around 4 years.  Started on soil with a cheap all in one setup from Ebay, it did the trick and the itch started.
Fast forward to today, I have the following setup in my boxroom upstairs.

Budbox Pro 1.2x1.2m
Mars Hydro TS 3000 Grow Light
RVK 6" with stepdown speed controller
Rhino Pro Carbon filter 6"
Charles Austen ET40 Air pump
OxyPot V9 Res 100L
Bluelab Guardian Monitor
100L Flexitank for mixing up nutes
Couple of cheap water pumps
Plant Magic range of nutes


Today I'm a confident grower and can handle any issues the setup throws at me.
The last part of the setup I want to change is the grow system.  I've been using one large res normally used for vegging for the entire grow, usually 4-5 plants in the OxyPot V9.  Don't get me wrong this setup has been amazing, always blows me away how quick they grow when the roots hit the water.  I'm finding having one large tank is a pain, the roots become entangled quickly so I'm unable to rotate the plants, takes up the entire floor of the tent and restricts airflow under the canopy.  Just harvested in December and had my first brush with bud rot.  Caught it early but still scared the shit out of me.

I've been wanting an RDWC setup for a while and it's time to pull the trigger for my next grow.  The bud box tent for example was purchased due to the raised poles on two sides allowing pipes to run under them.
The IWS RDWC Pro is the system I've got my eye on, onestop just dropped the price down to £400 for the 4pot, I know I could DIY, I'm lazy and would prefer something already 
The only thing that worries me in the noise.  I live in a terrace, over 100 years old so decent walls.  I've mentioned to my neighbour when I first moved in that I have a big fish tank and sometimes the air pump gets noisy (a trick I read on here once:rofl:), neighbour said he's never heard anything so happy with that.

How loud are the pumps in the system?  I can see a few posts regarding noisy pumps in RDWC and wanted to know if this kit has the same issues.


I would post pics of my setup but it's like a bomb site at the moment as one grows just finished and I'm cleaning room etc.
If you have made it this far I would like to say thank you, and I look forward to contributing to the community.



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