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SCOPEX-680 No-Till Rolling Diary | InTheSystem

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@InTheSystem There is a 10" fan there i could try though a different courier. 

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@Ledgrowlights-Adam - No need man.... Sure it will turn up. They can't have that big a warehouse to store everyones packages from the UK lol I have knicked some ducting and a RVK fan off a mate so that's got around the issue for now. Will get the camera out today and update. I popped some seeds too again as this cali stuff is all boring, am smoking a lot of it lately in the clubs and looking for some outdoor spanish now ha. Bring back ROTTEN vomitty skunks and cheese!

Kind of you to offer mate, will be all good... Hopefully lol



@ledgrowlights-Craig - Heeeey dude! No nothing yet. tracking just says "On it's way" with a daily warehouse scan. I rung a couple of times but they just say its gone through a customs check and should get released soon. Fuck my life it's painful, doesn't help I am impatient and its 32c outside lollollol Got me some AC coming though, fuck the summer and extortionate increase in electricity costs in Spain putting a stop to me flowering ASAP. Man needs smoke lol 


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Yes now fellow farmers. Big apologies yet again, this diary has been a right shit show… Life had beaten me for a while, despite best optimism - but I am starting to feel myself again, checking on the plants daily the last 5 days or so - rather than fortnightly…  If that. Also, just generally wanting to get back into the hobbies I enjoy again has got me going again.. I even brought myself new mk7 turntables and a breeding tent.. Ambitious, but have to set yourself goals to achieve them.

That said and done, let’s get on with it! I am on mobile phone unfortunately, but might get back into DSLR one day - for now the point and shoot suits my needs. Plants have had barely any attention, I will be honest. I have just been chucking in water with poor mbar levels heavy handed like an absolute noob. They were over watered, discoloured and what I like to call – “utter wank”. I had to move the pot once setup into another bedroom too, so I am pretty sure that disturbed all the roots and set me back another fortnight... Alas, the plants are growing again now!

Cultivar Swictharoo
The Runtz cut was not happy from day one of receiving it and I culled it out a few days ago as it had poor structure, growth and just got zapped from root damage. It’s binned and I just CBA with it, I smoked the flower and did enjoy it – but not that much to hold a fussy cultivar which only holds laughable street value. Friend of mine locally gifted me a couple of Chiquita Banana’s from his mums he’s ran solid a couple of years so got lucky there… Chiquita Banana is from “Taylormade Selections” - they are regulars. It is “Dank Banana” x “Banana Puff” and I can say hand on heart, I know fuck all about either lineage. My mate let me snap a run of some in his small tent:






It stunk of a faint rotten banana skin if you really stuck your nose in deep, but the dominant smell was a clean fresh OG ness, rather than something that would make you sweat and head turn. Still, it should be worth a go and am very thankful to be able to have a solution switching the Runtz out! Not sure if they will catch up or not, which is why I plugged in both cuts:




Growers Block
In terms of growing now, I feel like I have been getting back on my game and committed again. Today’s efforts have been sorting thrips, mulching in bio accumulators in the case of Bocking 14 (Russian) comfrey, stinging nettle, dandelions and yarrow. These provide nutrition in the mulch sought after - as I am trying to move away from the Leguminous covers little by little. Ultimately, there is better ways to get nitrogen in the soil which don’t attract spider mite and other critters we don’t like in our garden. Clovers really seem to bring them in like a rash and almost put excess nitrogen, I believe studies have shown. I am looking into ground cover crops and companions, which will enable me to take the fight down below better when pests arrive rather than jumping around all over the place. Also utilise natural pesticides that reside in flowers such as Chrysanthemum and Marigolds. Anyway, here are some shots of the tent overall now I covered why there is 2 new plants in lol






Rolling through the cultivars, we have Ice Cream Cake:



Jungle Cake:



Rootbrother is the bushy one I fogot to transfer that one, so will get closer pics next time of her ;)



Pest prevention routine is basically unleashing Indian warfare every 5 days to the leaves only:



In conjunction with warfare, I use a weekly foliar of my IPM.. The recipe starts with soap nuts. I will share my steps as few people have asked me over on IG:

IPM Foliar Recipe
1.) Grind 2 cups of soapnut in a kitchen blender to powder. Gets a bit sticky in there like, so need a decent blender.. Go on, ask me how I know. Bring 8l of water to the boil and dump the soapnut mess in, stir well then leave to cool for 48-72 hours. Drain and filter with Cheesecloth… the bits collected can be dumped in the living soil bed. 

2.) Once you have the soapnut base, mix equal parts with neem oil and mix/shake really well. This emulsify the oil so that it can be mixed with water, otherwise it will just clump into shit.

3.) Mix 20ml into a litre of water. Add 10ml of BioAg fulpower (or whatever fulvic), 5ml of horsetail extract, squeeze of some Aloe Vera gel and some kelp flakes. What we have here is a cheap, nutritional foliar prevention routine that does well as a soil soak too.




I will add soil predators tomorrow but no leaf predators whilst I am doing IPM foliars. I have found the Rove Beetles and Hypoaspis miles will survive most foliar sprays as not much makes it in the soil if taking care (fungus’s). Once flipped, I will be adding sachets and slow release sachets of Persimils along with Orius every 3/4 weeks also. Rove beetles I am breeding like mad, so may as well shove a few hundred in at least every few weeks... If anyone saw my mite issue last time. You will understand the precaution. I live in a very hot, dry place which don't help matters lol

Seed Fun
Besides the no till tent, I have popped the rest of the seeds I had from @4kali in the hopes of finding something to smoke a bit closer to home that I know and love. I got them germinating in my little quarantine/clone cab for the minute but will look at setting up a 0.8m tent up for a quick flip in soil on either bio nutes or compost teas to find the pheno to run in the No-Till bed next time, as I also need to get a mother tent setup for after summer. Some interesting bits coming in so this diary will roll on nicely, as intended:




SCOPE X 680w
Of course, this wouldn't be a Scope X diary without a mention haha I am loving the light, I  have slowly been edging it closer to the pot as the plants get used to it, it's on 280w and around 50 inches away... See @Ledgrowlights-Adam I have a temp extraction, no need to send anything bud! @ledgrowlights-Craig - make sure he dont post anything else lol . Much appreciated though:


If anyone comments on the oscillating fan. Yer I know it needs a clean. Also needs replacing lollol



That's all for now, I will get these updates rolling in more often when the roots are down and growth picking up. Will also hook up the Blumats and EC Flo gear when UPS stop cock blocking me :)

Cheers everyone, take care.
ps ** I Will try to catch up on everyones diaries and posts over the weekend, excited to see what peeps have been upto.

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back at it then,

ya can't keep a good man down mate.

nice to see ya pop them seeds, hopefully  you will find something nice or resembling that old skunkiness, I will look forward to learning a bit about this no till growing



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@4kali - back bro! The seeds will be a fun run, you never know what you are going to get with seeds and you have done a cracking job - so let's see how these 6 roll out! No-Till is great, but it's not for everyone. Pro's and Con's like everything I suppose. Always been one for trying new things, it's nice as it suits my style of growing with growing bigger, less plants in a SCROG then flipping many after a few weeks. I done every style of growing and whilst I will say it's my fave method, you need to have good instincts as a gardener - particularly with watering 100's of litres of soil and pests having a constantly moist mulch layer and companion plants what are all apetizing. This is where say coco coir can have advantages say - Different strokes for different folks end of the day, but No-Till/Living soil is certainly one to look into in my humble opinion.

Have a good weekend mate... It's good to be back posting in here :)

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6/6 on @4kali UK Cheese x Gelato seeds:


Main tent picking up the pace now, shall update again when the predators arrive Wednesday. Hopefully UPS turns up too with EC Flo and controller for light... Praying hard :D


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If you clean the dust build up from the blades of the oscillating fan it may move a bit more air same on the grill .:oldtoker:

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15 minutes ago, Arthur Mix said:

If you clean the dust build up from the blades of the oscillating fan it may move a bit more air same on the grill .:oldtoker:

Seconded my desk fan is about 10 year old an still goin a good clean works wonders 

Lookin good now man :yep:

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@Arthur Mix & @McHazy - Noted chaps. Shall sort my shit out and clean it - good job got a face mask for the task :Dlol  Cheers!

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