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☆Multi-Green of Screens☆

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@Văru' and @growinggold The main reason I tried hydro was because after more attempts than I can remember... I never mastered the soil (indoor).


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Day 41 flower




Environment stays pretty much the same,I got 2 small usb fans underneath canopy to move air around and I tried to raise the pot level temps a bit to keep roots happy but my heat mats seems to play around and not getting that hot anymore. (I know...buy cheap buy twicelol)

Smell is real now,compare with my first grow this girls really stinks when open the tent and I'm sure they just started...love it:D



Gorilla girl - big thirsty girl with little dense nugs,she drinks over 5L every other day with 1.5ml/L bloom,smells sweeet.




Ice Cool - she drinks around 4.5L every other day,I raised food to 1.7ml/L and she looks better now. Smells lovely and it's so sticky.




O.G.C - she's the sensible one with a crazy smell,a mix of fresh lemon tree leaves with hints of lime and something citrus in there,really nice.

I reduced bloom to 1ml/L for her and she drink about 4L every other day.



Thanks for looking folks,happy growing!

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Nice looking buds and great pics man. Holding their weight nicely up to now with the screeens :yep: 

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@jadenugs cheers mate,I'll probably have to improvise something for gorilla girl to tie up the side branches if they'll become to heavy later,which I really hope so:D.



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Just now, Văru' said:

 if they'll become to heavy later,which I really hope so


Haha, yeh man, always a good thing ;) 

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Day 48 flower





Light - 240w at 20-22"

Temps - 23/27°C ambient,roots ~22°C, RH 40/50%

1-1.5ml/L Bloom and they drink 4.5/5.5 L every other day.

Not much to add,girls seem happy and they slowly get fatter,it's their last weeks and I think Gorilla girl will be first to come down.

Smell got stronger and it's a delicious mix of fruits and flowers.


Gorilla girl - she's the big thirsty girl that drinks 5.5/6L sometimes,very sticky dense nugs with a sweet cookie smell coming up.

I reduced bloom to 1ml/L for her.



Ice Cool - hungry girl with a really nice floral smell,I'm going to reduce bloom to 1.5ml/L from next watering.




O.G.C - is the sensible one with crazy citrus smell and lots of crystals,she don't like much food so I reduced bloom to 0.8ml/L.



That's it for now,happy growing!:cheers:

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Day 56 flower




Environment stays the same and the finish line is getting closer now with G.G being the first one to come down at the end of week.


Gorilla Girl - she got 70/80% cloudy trichomes and look almost ready for chop.She's on plain water for the rest of the week.



Ice Cool - she really impressed me with those chunky buds that keep on swelling nice and seems to have another week or 2 left. I cut bloom to 0.5ml/L.



O.G.C - she's sensible with nutes,even that I never gone over 1.5ml and I burned most of the tips but the buds looks nice and proper stinks,love it. She's on 0.5ml/L bloom aswell.



Thanks for looking folks and happy growing!

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Great job Varu.

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Not long to go now mate. Nice looking flowers, top job :yep: 

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I bet your carpets soaked with all the salivating going on here....


Great work :skin_up:

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Your diary is really fantastic @Văru'. Your plants are beautiful, very healthy and looking more and more tasty with each update. Great pictures.


It's a shame about the hermie, but it was so good the way you so quickly could fill the space again barely missing a beat. 


Your screen setup is brilliant. I've been thinking a lot about my own space and how to train plants to maximise it. I opened your thread and it was a lightbulb moment, your idea is a solution to several problems that had me scratching my head. I see I'm not the only person who'll take inspiration from you and try something similar.


You are sure to have a great harvest soon. All three look superb. The buds on Ice Cool look beastly.

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@mr rhino, @jadenugs, @growinggold , appreciate your kind words guys and I'm glad you found something useful @delagdo.


I'm sorry for lack of updates,life's got a bit busy in the last couple weeks but is coming one today.

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Day 70 flower


This is what's left from these girls :D



I decided to harvest in 2 stages because I knew I fuck it up with training and they ended up a bit crowded so the lower buds didn't had a chance to proper see the light and now I'm glad I took this decision. 


I started with O.G.C about 10 days ago because her tops looks ready with lots of amber trichomes and I done it more like a test to see if is really worth it and after I saw the results in a week I ended up doing the same to the others.



After 10 days I'm happy how they look,they feel much denser,still a bit of fluff left but that will end up in the bubble hash bucket that I'll try it for first time when it's all finish.large.20210405_120225.jpg


Quality dense bud with a complex aroma that keeps changing and a really powerful smoke,love it.



Next in line was Ice Cool with her chunky buds,this plant really got a huge potential to grow into a monster plant in the right space.

17 tops of 14" buds in a 35x35cm screen it's a big No-No for sure.

If the quality is top I'll definitely grow her again,love the smell can't wait to try it.



I thought Gorilla Girl will be the first one ready to chop but I was wrong,she was the last one and I gave her time to mature showing some great colours with crazy amount of crystals.

I could probably take her all together down because she got rock hard buds all the way but there's no rush so I decided to let the lower part to cook a bit more.



Sometimes I get lost in the trichomes world with the magnifier and spend a lot of time staring at them.:headpain:



Girls are chilling at 16°C and unfortunately low RH 30-40%.



Rest of the girls will come down this Friday and I'll get back with a first smoke impression from Ice cool and Gorilla girl and probably some numbers aswell. 


That's it for now,happy growing folks!

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Fantastic pictures there @Văru' some lovely looking plants :yep:


Great diary and looks like a good haul, well done all round.



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@Clumsy Cheers mate,seems I totally forgot to answer you here and I realised about that time I started to sample the Ogc and that explains everything.:headpain:lol

I'm happy with the results,there will always be room for improvement,I'll drop the last update later today to complete this diary.


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