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Making the switch from Biobizz to Intense

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So yes the owner has worked with plant magic and with growth technology but I doubt its a direct clone of Oldtimers feed they sell in shops now but the raw ingredients maybe similar?

I don't know Tbh its past my own knowledge of the whole industry I just help people on 420 choose nutes class myself as a intense nutes cheerleader rather than grow guru lol

All the best guys 


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I respect the honesty and your humility, and despite my socialistic suppositions I've often thought the way you guys conduct yourself on here is amiable. Cheers. @Intense Nutrients Matt


A friend is having trouble with PM bloom at the mo, but doesn't seem keen on switching to coco or mineral feed, or no-till. I'll suggest he checks out the Organix, which on further look does seem to more closely resemble the older OT Bloom formula. 

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Yes mate if he gets a 1 ltr of organix he will know by the end of the bottle if its for him 

Stands to reason the best bits of the owners knowledge in the industry will have made it over in to the bottles so I am confident in your mate being happy with it bro 

All the best mate 


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Round 06/07 webby and I were chatting on my London  allotment and I was moaning about Biobizz organic nutrients and them changing their formulation yet again, he was just starting up the idea of PM and asked me what I would want as an organic  nutrient if I could have just what I wanted so I told him, I'm not going to go into the whole details now as we talked for hours.


He came back to me many months later with bottles of grow and bloom said there you go,  everything in them are SA approved organic ingredients and its mixed by an SA approved organic fertiliser  producer, I cannot get SA approval for an organic fertiliser formulated to grow cannabis indoors or under lights, its a place we can't go.


I ran off several grows and obtained perfect results from both indica dominant to pure sat grows using my london water, he asked me if he could use my online name on the fertilisers and I agreed.  I also helped  with advise on his support forum to help him get his company on its feet.


I personally never had any problems with the organic grow and bloom,, But I had quite a lot of the original l  tank mixes, I think Webby was getting fed up with PM as well as his personal life problems were all getting on top of him so when the chance came to sell up came, he grasped it with both hands.


I did post here at uk420 in the PM forum  that unless Nutriculture sorted out the organic tank mix irregularities that members should not buy the product. But the first thing Nutriculture did on buying PM was dump PM's support forum so my warnings went with the forum, they wanted absolutely nothing to do with cannabis growers who used their products and basically told J to go and do one as they just wanted the reputation and good name PM had built up with our members but no contact with them what so ever.


I don't know but Nutriculture dropped PM's staff pretty rapidly and within months had taken production in-house and closed the bristol factory, I assume some of the old employees decided to have a go them selves and from what I hear are making a real go of it and good luck to them I say!

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Maybe I'm less of a sceptic than I like to think and more of a cynic. 

I stand corrected regarding both the order of events and business practices.

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