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6 Sweet Ladies In Lockdown.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the nice words @zeroG means a lot bud. 

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Posted (edited)

Hello all,


Well here we are the dry is over and all the sweet treats are sitting in glass jars, located in nice dark cool cupboard. 
There was some big numbers and some little numbers. But firstly lets kick off with the dry and grow reports. 


Dry Report-  01.03.21-  18.03.21
Average temp - 17.8c
Average humidity-  49.3%

Pretty happy with how the dry went using the ink bird on the low oil rad setting seems to have worked wonders.
You can see the fluctuations the day before the Inkbird was added and how steady it was after. I knew it had worked straight from the unzip the pungent aroma was beautiful as soon as I unzipped the tent.




The Trim
God I hate the trim, here's couple pics of my setup in the lockdown shed. Hang a light off the DP90 frame and crack on. 3 hours later try and straighten my back and sneak in house under the cover of darkness. 
I'm always so prang at this point it was absolutely wreaking of weed (obviously). Id love to be able to do this out in the open, to really saviour and enjoy it. However the country I live in is one of worlds largest exporters of this special medicine however it wont let its tax payers enjoy and medicate.   One day things will be different and I will savior this part of the grow then.


Anyway back to trimming, I am quite rough a ready in this department, I like to leave a little stem on the larger colas. Makes a nice little stand so the buds aren't touching the bottom the jar.  I always go for quick finger pull of all the big leaves, trim up all smaller less obvious leaf with the snip and done. Fine fine manicure can be done before grinding. I will look to grade properly later when I do another canna'hol tincture, MCT or coconut oil run. Here i will simple sieve each jar for the lesser more air fluffy buds first, trying the leave the proper dense flowers for smoking and vaping. 


Do Sweet Do's



The snips all caked in loveliness. I will clean this off and add it to my sweet vapes and smoke. 

I personally like to used embroidery snips for trimming as i find these super comfortable for long period. 





The Grow Stats

Grow Days: 109
Grow Weeks: 16
Veg Days: 32
Flower Days: 60
Flower Weeks:
Visits to tend plants (times grow room tent was unzipped): 39
Photoshoots: 25  (there maybe a few more yet )
Rain Water used: 347.1l
Average water used per plant: 57.85l
Compost used: 46l
Intense Foundation used: 234ml
Canna Terra Vega used: 452ml
Canna Terra Flores used: 859ml
Seeds popped: 6
Free seeds: 3 ;) (Plus I still have loads left, Thanks again at Sweet Seeds!)
Grams yielded: 247g
Grams yielded from free seeds: 173g   (Free seeds was: Jack47, Ice Cool,  Do Sweet Do's)
Max LED power used: 240w
Vapes enjoyed: toooooo many 
New strains to sample: :skin_up:


The Grow Report 11.12.21  - 01.03.21  

Average temp - 27c
Average humidity-  45.4%

This has come around so quickly, 16 weeks, 109 days and the jars are full of sweet treats




Each strain will be getting good cure for month or more before the party can start in April with testing.  I had toot on some well cured Cream Caramel before tonight's update and boy oh boy has cured well, proper stinking red eye. Had to have a orange squash before the update to gather myself. I know this stuff is going to kick that out the park so I am excited to say the least. 

As you can see below this graph logs the complete environment conditions for the whole time the 6 ladies was located in the locked shed grow tents. This remained relatively stable here, with the only noticeable drops for the weeks we have snow of the ground outside the shed and even then the shed mange to cling on suitable temperature ranges 20.1c being lowest air temperature. 




I'm really happy with the quality, each plant has turned some really nice nuggets. Proper testament to sweet seeds genetics! Ive hot had bad seed yet from out brothers and sisters @ sweet seeds. :punk:
I cut the shit out of 3 the strains and its no surprise they didn't yield much, and one vigorous Jack 47 stole the show. She really is that citrusy and i will 100% be smoking a fat blunt. off the premises. obviously. 
I have got enough Jack47 to last me sometime. The Ice Cool, Black Jack and Mohan Ram will be run again soon, but I will need to find my favorite first. 


I visited the grow space 39 times over 109 days so its hardly intensive gardening and each visit was literally 10 mins max at most. Realistically the grow tent door was open 5 minutes for each visit. I did have to nip in the shed a fill the Blumat reservoir a little more but that was even quicker. Only took the time to empty pre sat room temperature rain water into the Blumat take, which takes 30seconds?  In and out. tools away, job done.   Really lazy/ stress free growing. 

Jack47: 107g



Black Jack: 7g


Ice Cool: 6g


Do Sweet Do's: 60g


Mohan Ram: 7g


Sweet Zkittlez: 60g


TOTAL:  247g   Just over 1GPW, probably not with all the stork I leave on. But I will take that considering I had to ditch a big old cola. 


Lessons Learnt: 
As ever this has been a learning experience, each run is. My lessons learnt are;

-6 ladies was to many for me to handle. 4 maybe more my number in the 80x80cm space. Each plant roughly got 40x26cm each, not a lot really.
Its easy to see why I couldn't stay on top of each plant with so few visits, however each strain as yielded some delicious treats for me try for the first time which I am really going to savior.

-Don't let your buds sit front of your extraction, it sucked bloody life out one Sweet Zkittlez top cost me some weight. 
-Also in future runs I wont he run the the two LEDs quite so many Watts 240w was to too much for the little space and I couldn't keep up with ladies demands. 
When @jadenugs  dropped this comment "Calcium uptake problem dude, caused by too much heat at the canopy or too much light intensity. Only options I'd go for is getting the tops further from the light or dimming it. I know you don't wanna dim the light too much and lose penetration depth. My preferred method would be tying down or plant bends, over super cropping as you don't really want more undue stress" it felt like light bulb had gone lighten up. Nailed it on the head here, max I will go next run  is 200w, 100w each LED fixture. I will also look to calm down nutrients, I really don't know what made keep pouring more more Flores nutrients and turn the power up.  I think maybe I was pre occupied with maxing the LED height out and should just kept the W down and not sweated with heights. Plus 3/4ml nutrients will be my max. 5ml was just nutty. To much of everything. A common problem with us human we like to live a life of excess.  

-Another aspect I will look to improve on better air circulation around the base of plants in flower, with my extraction sucking from the top i need to have a fan down low assisting in bringing in fresh air from the passive up to the extraction through the canopy. Making sure air flow is maintained. 


I will be back, as our brother Arnold would say.
Hopeful with some lovely cured bud pictures and smoke/vape reports. @ratdog you inspired me to bust the Mighty vape out this afternoon so here is sneaky peak. 



Do Sweet Do's

Such lovely dense buds, really tasty sweetie taste in the vape already.  Plus a little bit of hash always makes it better. 



Sweet Zkittlez

Loading up the mighty in the greenhouse here. 


Thanks for checking in. 
Good gardening to you all. 

Enjoy your smokes.




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It was great to follow mate. Enjoy !

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Posted (edited)

Thanks @purepotstillit's been really fun to document and give myself and others different stats. Now for good tester and cure break. I really want get plenty of nice bud pics for the smoke report. Sweets seeds deserve it.




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On 21/03/2021 at 10:11 PM, growinggold said:

To much of everything. A common problem with us human we like to live a life of excess. 


We're all guilty of that mate, we do like to push them to try and get the best from them.


Nice result dude hitting the g/w and glad the dry went well. Enjoy your much deserved fruits :thumsup:  

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Job done mate :yep: now just sit back and and get absolutely :mashed: 


Interested to hear which is your fave after you’ve had a good sample of them all on the old mighty...

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Posted (edited)

Happy 4/20 all. 


Hope your all smoking some beautiful sweet herbs. It's also my birthday today so I will be toking some beautifully citrus Jack 47 this evening. 


Smoke report being built as I type. 


Stay safe all..



Edited by growinggold
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With such a birth date, you here must have been something like destiny :magic:

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Just now, purepotstill said:

With such a birth date, you here must have been something like destiny :magic:

Thanks buddy. I also share it with Hitler. Eeek.



When I was uni got my birthday we did weed Olympics. Events involved was.  


Team race- joint smoke

Team creative joint

Team creative munchies

Team biggest joint roll, followed by smoke of the each captain.



Needless to day there was good few whiteys.


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Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope you had a great day :)




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Hope you had a great birthday yesterday :)






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Happy belated birthday my friend, hope you had a grand day :cheers:

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