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Sweet watery wonderland - trees for life

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i checked in on them this morning and they have bounced back, no signs of stress at all ,which is good.


Checked the readings in the res, the ph is 5.9 ec is still 1.0 despite me adding 40 litres to res.


i deided to check out some lux readings at canopy level, since ive decided to put some effort into this grow, and the results kinda surprised me, if im honest. 

the dual spectrum HPS are reading around 60-65000 at canopy, which is fine and where it should be, but on the other side of the room ive got 1 metal halide lamp in and when i checked it it was only reading 16000. ALL the ballasts are set to 600, so i dunno why the MH reading is so low. 

Anyway i changed it out for another Dual spectrum lamp. i also added my little invisible sun 275r LED, where i previously had a 600w HPS. 

MY plan is to use the LED for side lighting the trees when they get bigger....

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mid week update. 


Ive changed out the puny MH lamp for a  dual spec one, so now they are all basking under the yellowed glow. 

the SAD ids looking the better of the two after thier major topping sesh on Monday, but is showing signs of mag defficiency, which i always seem to get 3 weeks in.

this time i dosed the res with 150ml of cal mag, which will hopefully benefit her. its only the odd leaf here and there, but i forgot to add cal mag at last change.

heres an example large_14.JPG


and a few topped sites, looking healthy enough, so signs of any infections



here is the sweet afghan delicious, its almost ball shaped, will develop into a lovely little bush.

the 2nd pic is the jack 47, its looking a little bit sorry for itself, but im sure they will bounce back in a few days time. the SAD has overtaken the jack as biggest plant in the room so far, so its looking good for some decent sized plants to develop.large_16.JPGlarge_15.JPG


the nodes on both of them are just stacked on top of each other, i kinda wish they would stretch a little bit. 

Roots on both look whiter than Escobars cellar, and i think its down to the roots axcellerator, as they are usually taking on a tan tinge by now. 


i have a big 3 plant gap in the room but thats ok, i will pull these plants from the other side and the gaps will hopefully be filled with sweet bushes of bud.


this lot are getting evicted to other side of room for a scrog-fest. large_11.JPG


thats tonights update, pretty much cruising along, a res change is due this weekend, that will spruce them up too.


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Hello @badbillybob  . Wow, I wish i had that groom, It looks great!


I see it is producing bushes already, Sweet.

All the best with the grow :yep:



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Thanks, yes it does for me. took me a long time and money to build it , but its worth it.


Sunday update for you.


They have stalled a bit. 

Now, to be honest, it looks like  they didnt like the multiple toppings, not really much of a surprise. It would have been pretty stressful for them........

Im going to change the res, either today or tomorrow, and go back to 1.0ec, and i will use some bloom nutes as well as grow, as the grow seems to have a bit too much nitrogen for them, ive got some leaf claw with it, but my over feeding hasnt helped matters.


Maybe its the roots axcellerator, so i will drop that next change and just go with some grow and bloom nutes , a bit of silicone and some cal mag. 


the new growth at the topping sites is coming through already, which is a good start.

cheers, i will get some pics tomorrow.

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Great build mate... inspiration for mine and others too I expect.


Looking forwards to some pics... not looking forwards to res changes.


Good luck mate.

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Yeah, res change takes forever, its just a 2000lire hour pump, but it doesnt shift anything like 2000 litre an hour, cos it takes about 3/4 of an hour to empty the res, which is only, at a guess 500-600  litres......


Noticed an issue with the spray bars, quite a few of them arent spraying, so ive been round them all with my special tool (ziptie) and stuck it in the holes, (matron!!) which seems to have done the trick


Anyway, you you've no time to  be on here , you should be building that system of yours , unless you're on a smoke break ha ha 

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I've installed a drain...




I can attach a hose and run it into the garden.


I reckon mine holds around  100 - 120  :mellow:


Got an idea about the flooms... think; silent cistern filling...


ATB mate. 

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Looks good. 


just for my poor memory, i changed out the res tonight, magic numbers are 1.1 ec and 5.7 ph.

I was aiming for 1.0, but hey ho. 


This was 200ml silicone

250ml cal mag, and 900 ml of base, which was 450 each of grow and bloom nutes.

i put in a teensy bit of the roots excellerator too, about 50ml, it shouldnt really need it now but it can only help. 

ive just got enough left for my other lots first res, which is cool


Pics tomorrow, they usually spring up after a res change, but will probaably be a few days, due to topping torture....mybad.....

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Some pics for you. the SAD has now comprehensively overtaken the jack47. if you look closely, you can see the miltiple topping sites, ahem 


Here she is,SAD.large.9.JPGlarge.8.JPG


And the Jack, 



the roots on the jack are slightly darker, but no signs of rot , thankfully. 

the New growth tips were coming out of the topped sites as if they were overfed, and the only thing i could think it may have been was me putting in extra airstones, which would cause this possibly, so i took 2 airstones out of each pot, leaving 3, which is more than enough.


the EC is still at 1.1EC, PH is at 5.9. I am hoping they will spring back in a day or two, but time will tell. 

the tops of the bushes are kinda  fairly level, which will help, SAD foreground, Jack at back.


cheers same time next weeklarge.2.JPG

Edited by badbillybob
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I love the hack you guys do with Ikea products. :wub:


I know that growing in hydroponics has its difficulties. Good luck!


Sweet smokes!
- Apolo



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i know that growing hydroponically has its difficulties too man, and this week its showing them..

oh dear, what can the matter be, these have barely moved in the past week, i must have really upset them with my brutal topping session.


they are stalled, but the roots look ok, so i hope they will recover next week and spring back to life. This is most un rdwc like them doing this, so i dunno if there is maybe some other underlying issue i havnt discovered. 


feeds are at 1.1, ph at 6, so they should be grooving along, but nope, looking at these pics and Mondays, they could have been taken on the same day.


SAD is first up, followed by the jack47. 


i really hope these turn around or it might be "shrubs for life"



not that its any consolation but the plants on the other side of the room have stalled too, after a similar topping sesh.

i will know by the end of next week if they are gonna get going or not, but these should be twice the size they are by now..........bah...........

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ANy ideas on what might be causing this gratefully recieved.

It probably isnt relevant, and  im clutching at straws, but there is some crispy yellowy brown mottled leaves down low, the old stuff that gets no light, you can see it in the pic above looks like mag deficiency, but the res is dosed with cal mag, wasnt earlier so im presuming its old deficiency leaves as the new stuff looks fine, maybe the odd new growth  leaf tip very very slight yellowing at the tip with over feed.

This is why i was gonna reduce feed at start of week, but , apart from that...nothing.... no big sways of ec or PH which would indicate root issues, roots look healthy enough etc


..i do genuiinely think its stress from the topping , but that s been a week and a half now, they usually stall for a few days then get going again so i dunno. 

quite frustrating at times this growing lark, eh?

Edited by badbillybob
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It does look a bit more serious than stress.   what is your environment like, temp of water and what exactly are you feeding them? are you flowering already?  This info could help to identify the problem.  Taking pictures during lights off might help a bit more as well.  

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I'm sure you'll bounce them back in no time mate. Hope you get the problem sorted soon, good luck :yep: 

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