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Mould at week 10 greenhouse grow

Second plant I have grown here - Northern Lights (Royal queen seeds) Was lucky with the first, didn't run into any mould problems. As the title states, just hit week 10 and have woken up this morning to the dreaded mould. Noticed a very yellow leaf and pulled it and the mould was all to show. Cut away that bud site which had a decent sized bud growing but don't think that had spread. Part that worries me is the tip of the main cola where the largest bud is had mould in the tip. Cut away all the mould i could see which has taken about an 8th off the tip. Still unsure if the mould could have spread. 


Was hoping to run the plant for quite a few more weeks, however I don't want to lose the whole plant to mould, just looking for any advice of you more knowledgable growers. Would you cut your loses and cut the whole plant down now, or would you run it and see what happens in the next week?

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Plant also has two fan leaves which are a lot lighter green and not looking to healthy compared to the other leaves, not sure if this is just usual or something to be concerned about?


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In my experience it spreads quickly. It's usually best to cut your losses and make a load of bubblehash with it instead.

You could try tremoving a load of panes from the GH and get some breeze going through, but I would still think you will find it spreading.


Other guerilla growers here might have a better idea of the outcome.

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Hopefully you've got milky trichs.

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I found, what looked like a withered part in a bud. I cursed autos and I double cursed DP, never again, says I. 


I decided to cut infected parts off, so I made a solution of weak hydrogen peroxide, snipped, treated cut branch with the solution from a syringe, popped the entire remainder of what i removed into solution and left it there until it stopped fizzing.

Then I washed it, discarded the few remaining brown flakes and chopped head in tiny pieces for drying. Now I'm smoking it and it blows the head off me.. Rest of plant is fine. checking carefully every day with loupe.

Any time I cut a bud from any plant I give remaining branch a squirt of hydrogen solution to heal it and stop bacteria getting in.


In  my case there was just minimal damage but had I missed it the entire plant would have been destroyed

I think it was one of the blue auto mazars.. 

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