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Some advice please



Can someone provide some advice for the plant in the photo please, seems to have started in the last 24 hours.


Tent - 26-30c 50-60% Rh

Nutrients - GHE Grow/Bloom/Micro 


Thanks large.A5EB3F33-88E4-4F3C-A8EE-A8EAF181AA1A.jpeg

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Looks like leafs are getting fried by too much light,are you using white leds?

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The light is a GN 008, set at 100cm 

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Any other suggestions?

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Hi @Charles_27

google this: soft secrets nutrient chart

and click on the top link, mobile and immobile nutrients.

the picture of the plant with the writing either side should help you.

Otherwise if you could upload a picture showing the whole plant, or a couple which show the top middle and bottom, this will give more information for those with more experience "reading plants", a skill you'll pick up in due course.


best of luck with your grow

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Sorry if this info is on here somewhere.

 I don't mean to be sending people to another site but I've been having problems sometimes searching the site

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