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First time grow - scrog

Hi all,


Please bear with me as I want to pick your juicy brain. ALOT. 


I'm a first time grower and was hoping to pick your brains. ( I've posted already but since reconsidered my set up )


If I show you my shopping list please can let me know your thoughts. Whether it's something I've missed or dont have enough of, please let me know.


5 plant scrog grow.



1x tent ( 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 )

1x 8 inch fan / carbon filter kit

1 x 600w light HPS (would I need 2)

1x ph tester

1x ec meter

Coco nutriants A + B

Perlite 1x 20 Litre

Cana coco 2x 50 Litre

12 Litre fabric pots x 5

Bruce banner seeds x 5

Twin pack Rope ratchet x2

2x mini usb desk fans 

5 pack of syringe

Thermostat/humidity stat

Timer plug

Scrog net

Ph up/down 



So I'm thinking of growing/scroging 5 plants. I hear bruce banners are good for scrogging. Let me know your thoughts/experiences.  If you wouldnt mind answering a few questions also? It would be appreciated.


1. Lighting - 1x 600w hps sufficient for 5 scrog plants. To handle the limited light I was going to use the middle of the net so there is 5 plants in an X shape. So there lights have less of a canopy to light. 


2. Lighting - If the answer is no and I would need two lights. Can you reduce the size of the pots or would you have to do less plants. Or is the answer simply a smaller tent. (I wanted a larger tent so I can increase number of plants I grow once I become competent) 


3. Seedling - how much light do you give seedlings? I plan on using the paper towel method to germinate and was thinking of putting them straight into the 12 litre pots once the seeds are ready.  Would you go to a smaller pot and then into the 12 litre? 



4. Veg -  How long would you veg for based on my plan? Time is no issue, I'd rather a better yield. 


4. Scrog net - how high would position the net from the plant? 


5. Light height - how high above the net would position the light? Growing bruce banner and I have 1.8 in height.



Training plans


Please let me know if I'm missing a step or going wrong.


I was planning on topping them two or three times early in the veg stage. Whilst regularly trimming the bottom of the plant to increase the energy going to the top of the plant.


Once they have grown about 6 inches above the scrog net, start to train them to grow out instead of up. 


I'm unsure on how long to veg them - any advice? 


And once I switch to the flowering stage I will add an additional net to support tops of the plant as they grow up. 



Do I need to do any trimming once I switch to flowering? 


Thank in advance for you help and please ask me anything you might need to know in order to help. 


Major flop. 



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120 litre of medium for 60 litre of pots?? 

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Slight over calculation. :skin_up:


I thought to go with 70% coco + 30% perlite. 


I'm still unsure on when and how to feed the plant the A + B. Any thoughts? 

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heres my thoughts

1. you could do with a higher tent, if possible. 2m

2. pot them up, go with say 1l to 3l to 6l to 12litrre pots

3. 600watt will not be enough for 1.5 tent, either 2x 600s needed

4.seedlings on full lighting, but put light a bit higher so u don't burn them

5. scrog net  approx. 14 inches from top of pot

6. top the plants at 5th node, 

7 once plants established, lights approx. 2 foot above canopy

8 feed a and b at 0.6ec, 5.8ph  once the plant shows 2nd set of jagged leaves

9. fill net to 80% then flip, train plants for first week of flip, then leave them

10. 3 weeks into flip, trim all un-lit foliage from under the net


11 have fun.



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Hey pal,


Thanks for the help. 


I'll take your advice and get the 2m high tent and 2x 600w light. Also gunna pot then up! 


Do you reccomend any additional nutriants? 


What do I feed the seed between being potted and having 2nd set of jagged leaves? Just smaller doses of A+B..


What would you expect to yield realistically? 



Edited by Owderb

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they don't need fed between seed popping and 2nd set of leaves, the seed has enough nutrients within it to keep them going till then

nutrients id be using A and B, well id be using ionic , its only one part nutrient, its not got an A and a B part, and is cheap and very good, so you don't have to faff around with A and B …...

canna Cal mag

ph down

growth technology silicone


presume you have a decent EC and ph meter/pen. if not these are essential.


yield wise, im not gonna comment on, because its pointless, just learn to grow them and the yield will come. There are too many variables, but environment/temps/relative humidity and feed all play a part in a successful outcome, that's all im gonna say on that.


if you can afford it, id go with a 10 inch fan and a fan controller . for those lights and tent etc. 


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Lighting a 5 x 5 equally is a pain in the arse although your 600w would be fine


I'd get a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 and then your 600 will be bang on 


Forget the perlite its not needed



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looking at your list again, I didn't realise you hadn't already bought this stuff,

bt yeah owd is right, go with a 1.2  square tent, 2 metres high, it will fit one 600w perfectly. and then you can keep your 8 inch fan, if run off a controller.

a 6 inch would do in there, but better to have a bigger fan and control it off the controller, for less noise, and the ability to ramp it up if the temps go way high


also your usb desk fans? id get a decent oscillating fan personally

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Don't forget a contactor, just so you don't ruin your timer. They're not very expensive, the growshop will have them

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I'd go for 6" EC fan in your shoes. More efficient, quieter, and smaller. Will put out near the same amount of air as a normal 8".  You'll also need a controller, ~30 quid for a basic one and ~70 for a temperature controlled

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2 hours ago, argosthewizard said:

I'd go for 6" EC fan in your shoes. More efficient, quieter, and smaller. Will put out near the same amount of air as a normal 8".  You'll also need a controller, ~30 quid for a basic one and ~70 for a temperature controlled

I've used rvk 6" for a few years, but one of these EC fans + controllers are on the To Buy list. 

Hi and best of luck when you get going @MajorFlop


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Above advice is spot on.

As for the strain, I’m currently smoking some Bruce banger right now. I grew a huge one plant scrog, and she does well, likes to grow out rather than up. It’s a nice smoke too, got a unique taste. For me though, more of a daytime smoke.

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Hi all, 


I'm starting a 5 plant scrog in the coming weeks and I need some advice from experienced growers. If I talk you through my set up can you let me know your thoughts please? It would be much appreciated. I intend to do a very thorough diary and would like to make this a successful grow.  


Tent - 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8

lighting - 1 or 2 600w hps (dimmable 250w,400,600w, 660w)

Seeds - bruce banner (shortish+bushy) 

Plant number - 5 (12 litre fabric pots)

Medium - Coca coir pro + 

Nuts - Cana A + B / Cana Calmag

Air Extraction - 8inch fan/filter

Airflow - 1x clip fan + 1 oscillating fan

Temp control - inkbird duel temp controller

Training - topping / defoiliation


So If I list my questions to mae things a little easier. 


1. Would you recommend 2 lights? And if so would you run them both at 400w to total 800w or 600w each to total 1200w. 


2. The seeds have to go straight in the tent once germinated. what lighting would you recommend for the first weeks of seedling growth? 


3. I was going to scrog them over a 1.2 x 1.2 net in the tent, or would you recommend using the full tent. Would you adjust the lighting for the 2 options? 


4. Pot size/lighting - what size pots would be best for the size and lighting? I plan on topping twice before flipping to 12/12. Im using fabric pots and planned on going from 1 litre  to 4 litre then up to 12 litre pots. 


Thanks in advance everybody much appreciated. You will be noted in my grow diary. I'll give you a link once it starts!


Happy growing. 








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Get your lights on and see what your extraction & fresh air intake can achieve for you in terms of temperatures.


Its getting hotter this week and we are heading into summer.


My 2 x 440w setup is down to 1 x 400w now and Im running 12/12 overnight.  


Best of luck!



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Hi MF, you sound organised, thats paramount. I can answer #2: For seedling growth a T5 light is recommended as they are the correct colour temp and theyre not too intense or hot. These lights encourage seedlings to have plenty of nodes and are good for early root growth.

you can pick one up for £30+

Happy SCROGging

Edited by Owderb
Quote removed
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