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First time grow

Hi all, 


First time grower and wanted to prick your brains! 


So I'll tell you my plans and if you can point in the right direction that would be great. 


So my set up is going to be in my concrete garage. It's going to be a diy set up made from a wooden frame and sheets of mdf. I was thinking of lining it with mylar.


Size - height 1.7m, width 1.8m, depth 1.3m


Lighting - From what I've read, the amount you  yeild depends on what wattage lights you have. I read its 1 gram per watt. But there are other factors I believe. 


I was hoping to grow 6 beasty plants (scrog) under 2 600w hps lights. So if I've got 1200 watts (assuming the space is sufficient) over 6 plants that would be 200 grams per plant.  200 grams is 7 oz. I imagine this would  be very optimistic so could I guess a conservative 5 oz per plant? I was thinking 6x 15Ltre pots. 


Is 1200 watts over 6 plants in a box that size ok?


I'm also thinking of using coco? Not soil. And I'm not thinking if growing autos. Or are there too many benefits of autos to ignore.


It's purely personal use so time is no issue. I'd rather wait and have a long veg time to increase yeild. 


As it's my first time I like the idea of a scrog grow as I dont fancy doing anything with too much room for error. 


What seeds do you reccomend? I'm up for trying anything.


Would a carbon filter, around £100 be sufficient to get rid if the smell completely?



This is my current shopping list


1x box (L=1.8m W1.3m H=1.7)

Carbon filter/fan/ducting (4 inch) (£100) 

2x clip fans (£20 each)

2x 600watt HPS lights (£70 each)

Thero/humidity stat.

6x 15 litre pots

2x  bags 50 litre Coco


Do I need anything else. 


How long would you recommend for veg time? 


With the scrogg net, can you grow plants bigger and place the net higher up depending on how big they grow or is there a set height to grow before spreading the plant over the net? 


Thank I'm advance and sorry for.all the questions :) 



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I would think your first problem will be a 4 inch fan trying to vent the heat created by 2 x 600w HPS. You should do a diary as I am interested in if you get 30 oz in total from your 6 plants. 

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Hello buddy, welcome to the site.

First off don't get too hung up on yield mate, you'll only set yourself up for disappointment. You get what you get, it's one of those things. Garages are tricky places as they have massive temp fluctuations through the year so go as mad as you can on the insulation.


You'll probably be wanting a larger extractor than a 4inch, so you probably need to budget more like 250-300 for your exhaust and filter. Is there somewhere you could pull air in from the house? If you can it would be good as garages can get very cold/hot depending on the season, so if you're intake is from the garage you'll be having too much hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The heating costs can be as much as the lighting in the cold periods. This means you might want to think about an active intake (same sort of fan just smaller than your exhaust).

A good oscillating fan would be better than those little clip ons, they're ok for pointing at a light but they're not gonna move much air about a room that size.


1200watts is sufficient for that space, you could do 2 plants or 20, there's so many different ways.

No one can tell you how long the vegging will take as plants don't follow schedules, environmental factors and genetics will play a large part in that decision.


If you're going to use coco you'd be best buying a pH meter and a EC meter, some experienced people might get away without it but most people would say for hydro they are pretty essential. It might be worth considering a compost grow at first, they're much easier and it will be cheaper as you don't need the meters I mention.


I have very limited experience with autos so I won't comment there and no experience with scrog.

As for seeds, have a look at some diaries and see what takes your fancy, there's plenty of best strain topics to browse through.


Best of luck with it :)




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