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Ethelene Fresh

My first ever grow... Things are happening!

Hi everyone, great to be here.


Im on week 6 of My first grow, Ive got an Auto Speed, Auto Girl Scout Cookies and a Cookies Kush (not Auto).


The two autos have gone into flower.


Here's the thing, the first time i fed them any form of nutrients was a few nights ago and that was Maxicrop seaweed fertilizer. They noticeably loved it. They appear to be doing okay, although i've never grown before so I have no previous points of reference... They are in a type of compost i've used for growing regular vegetables with great success, its called Carbon Gold, which contains activated biochar, wormcastings, etc. which according to the theory, should mean that nutrients will be available in abundance.


Getting this far with them, i've decided I am going to feed them some foxfarm bloom or something like that.


By the looks of it, how do you guys think its going... would you say the biochar must be working if plants are looking like this with no added nutrients?


Heres a photo with some notes for reference.




The pots are  8ltr pouches, im using a diy LED light, similar specs to the SF2000.


All opinions, advice etc. highly appreciated since im a "newbie" at this and i really love these plants so i want to do the best for them.



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All good down on the farm then :oldtoker:  is the pic taken in natural light ? I would expect the autos to be more in flower at week 6 and taller  ... what is your lighting regime and what pot size ? 


So are you going to veg the photo until the autos are finished ? or are you going to try and finish the autos on 12 hour light cycle ? (which may prove difficult).... 

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And thanks for your reply. Yep, all good down on the farm :hippy:


The pic is taken under the grow lights... The lights are 18 hours light / 6 darkness on a timer, although for the first 3 weeks I was running the regime on more of an adhock basis since they wern't on a timer and sometimes i get out of bed earlier than other times, but they always received at least 18 hours of light averaged out. During this time they were sat under an old mars hydro 300w purple thingy i was given before i sorted the upgrade.


The pot sizes are 8ltr.


I am going to keep vegging the cookie kush till these 2 autos are done, ive just gone and popped another 3 auto seeds so i'm probably going to have to sort a separate set up for her 12/12 cycle.


Yeah, whilst they look great to me, biases aside, I recon they should be alot bigger given the seed packets say they'll be done in 2 weeks!


Not only haven't i been feeding them nutrients but I've never bothered with PH either. I have read that PH is less of an issue when the compost is good... not sure if this is true.


Oh the other thing is I haven't been moving the lights up as they grow since they are on these fixed chains, perhaps they'd get taller if the lights were further away... at the moment they are about 35cm away... 



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My plan'ts are lot smaller then what they said, I think it depends where and what you use i doubt my autos be done in the 8-9 week period as they said on the packet. I say you're doing good they look healthy nice big stem i say carry on what you're doing we only learn from the first grow.

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I recon they should be alot bigger given the seed packets say they'll be done in 2 weeks!


I have 3 autos all from the same packet and started at the same time.... they are all at different stages. 8 weeks on packet .. now in middle of week 10... with at least a week to go.


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Seeds very rarely , if ever, make the periods shown on the packet. 

Just keep going with light and feed regime , some take longer than others, some are shorter and fatter some long and slender. Genetic variation in action. 

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Hey, thanks everyone for the words of encouragement :D I've purchased some organic biobizz bloom and veg, because why not.


Ah yes very true about the instructions on the packet, Nature vs. Nurture, always going to be a bit of both!


Now i'm just wondering about pruning, some sources say dont prune an auto, some say do but only in flower... While I've heard these plants are like growing tomato plants, I have grown alot of tomatoes, pruning these to a constant of just 4 branches does wonders. I'm just not sure id really want to treat my indoor girls this way!

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