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Nutrient dosage organic soil grow

If anyone With experience could give me some advise id be very grateful.

Ive got 4 girls on the grow which are 7 weeks from seed which ive just switched into flower now.
I potted them from seed straight into canna terra pro and plants developed well with no problems apart from a little bit of nitrogen toxicity which my plants grew out of.
Im on week 7 and have not added any any extra nutrients of any kind. Ive literally just watered at a ph of 6.3, using real lemon juice to lower ph from my tap water.
I live in a soft water area in uk so water is decent and i let chlorine evaporate for 24hr before watering.
anyway, i’ll get to the point.....
I want to stay organic so decided to buy these products to add to my plants but not sure on dosages etc.

Guanokalong bat guano NPK 1.10.1
ecothrive charge NPK 3.2.3
Bone meal NPK 3.9.0 / calcium
Epsom salts
Worm castings
Guanokalong palm tree ashes NPK 0.3.14

Would this be too hot as a tea or could i bubble some in tea and top dress the rest to be watered in ?

im using the kingbo 2000W led light ans have heard that led’s such the calmag out of your plants. Im also noticing purple veins travelling through the plant too so not sure what to do as i dont want to use chemicals like calmag.

my growing conditions are good.
Room temperature day time is approx 22•c
RH / 55%....
night time temp 18•c RH / 60 - 65 %
but ive bought a dehumidifier to control it better.
If anyone could help me id be very appreciative and can also add pictures but because of the led purples lighting its hard to see properly.
Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks
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If growing in compost you do not need to worry about lowering the ph and if you are in a soft water area why would you need to 


Why not just buy bottled organic nutrient instead of going through all that palaver 


Your day time temps are too low and your night time temps could do with raising to 20


Your humidity is fine at the moment



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Thanks for getting back to me.


Would you mind having a read of this for me in relation to my grow please. This is the 9 weeks ive been growing so far....


I started an indoor organic grow 9 weeks ago.

4 seeds
Strains : 1 white widow / indica
1 hifi 4g / hybrid
2 blueberry / indica

Tent :1.2m x 1.2m x 2m high
Soil : canna terra pro.
light : kingbo 2000w led

Seedling : Week 1 - 2
1l pots / temp 24 - 27•C / RH 75 - 70%

After 2 weeks of seedling stage i then potted up to 12l ( 3 gallon ) pots to start veg.

veg : Week 2 - 4
12l ( 3 gallon ) temp 24 - 27•C / RH 70 - 65%

I continued veg for a further 2 weeks but i potted up to 30l ( 7 gallon fabric pots )

veg : Week 4 - 6
30l ( 7 gallon ) temp 24 - 27•C / RH 65 - 60%

after 6 weeks of veg i didnt use any nutrients as the plants were thriving and apparently canna terra pro has enough to last the first 5 - 6 weeks.

I then decided to start flower phase, 12 / 12 lighting

Flower : Week 1 - 2
Temp 24 - 27•C / RH 60 - 55 %

Top dressed With organic dry amendments
30ml of each....

bat guano 1.10.1
Palm tree ashes 0.1.30
Ecothrive charge 3.2.3
Bone meal 3.9.0

i watered the top dressing in with tea consisting of
500ml worm castings
2 tbsp molasses 
1/4 tbsp epsom salts
Ph’d using lemon juice to 6.3ph in 5 gallon bucket.

i give each plant approx 2 1/2 gallons of water each to achieve approx 20% run off.

Flower : Week 3
Temp 23 - 26•c / RH 55 - 50%

this is where i noticed yellow leaves in middle of canopy on 2 plants. 1 of the blueberry and hifi 4g.
Do you think it could be from too many nutrients or not enough ?
Ive been trying to do some research and cant seem to get anywhere. I doubt its a nitrogen deficiency as the yellow leaves are in the middle / upper section, aswell as at the bottom.
the only thing i know that i might have contributed too was watering only once a week and letting the soil dry right out. Although, when i water them, as stated above, i give them a good soak with 2 1/2 gallons each achieving approx 20% run off. 
i did water them yesterday without amendments and just ph’d water with 2 tbsp molasses and 1/2 tbsp epsom salts.
if anyone can give me any advice it would be very much appreciated I can attach pics if need be but because its under purple leds its hard to see.



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Can you remove it from the tent and then take a pic of one of them under natural light?


I also grow in soil, but use Biobizz grow, algamic and bloom, these are organic and much easier to use then compost teas etc... imo

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