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Germinating advice, organic grow

Hi guys, so just started my first grow.

im going budget and organic, auto northern lights grown in greenhouse with biobiz and tomato feed.  

so the guide I’m following for these seeds says 18hours in distilled water until they sink then 36hrs warm dark place, same water but in damp kitchen roll, then plant.


Iv just now put them in kitchen roll so 36 hrs takes me to 8:30pm Sunday night but silly old me got my seeds in the post and get going instantly forgetting my 11ltr bags for planting arnt arriving until Tuesday at the earliest..... 


so question is what’s my best option? Does it matter if I leave them germinating for an extra 2 days ? Or can I plant in egg shells then when my bags arrive plant the egg shell filled with soil and seed ? 
Or have I failed at the first hurdle lol 


thank you for any advice!! 

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Try this mate,no need for a glass of water or paper tissue,straight into your medium.

200ml paper cups,make some drainage holes at the bottom.

Fill the cup till it`s 3/4 full with either a seedling/lightmix medium.

Soak the medium,this will cause the soil to sink leaving you with cups half full.

Use a match stick or pen nib and make a small hole in centre of pots,I mean small,only 2-3 mm deep.

Place seed into hole and cover with a pinch of fresh soil.

Stick them on a tray under your bed,or some were thats warm.

Leave them alone and 4-5 days they will show,thens the time to put them under your light.

Then you can top the half full cups up with fresh soil that will keep your seedlings supported.

These little 200ml party cups will see you good for around 10-14 days feed wise.

Good luck.


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!st things Enjoy it mate   Dont sweat it  :)      You will get numerous answers on peeps own methods  ,  with all due respect if your doing more than one bean , try a few diff methods to see what works best for you ;)  .   Underfeed them and let them do their thing mate.    

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