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Cannabis Rally Trafalgar Square

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Next weekend!

Please go to UKCIA and download the full-sized version of this poster, print it off and spread the word!



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wish you all well that make the effort to stand and be counted

wish i was there but .......physically incapable.....

my thoughts are with ya


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I've been looking forward to this, and you can tell, because the DWP have chosen this week to f*ck my bank transfer up. Crossed fingers the gremlins disappear and there's still cheap coach seats left tomorrow, I'll get there. Failing that, I hope the sun shines on you all and you have a great day.



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i see u there guys ....

joints rolled three kingskins long.......

danzig is it ok to cupy n paste this to fewother sites???

Edited by -=P.I.M.P.=-

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When you see a skinhead with a light green shirt and a clerical collar, it'll be me.

C'yall there.


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Wee up date from London also keeps it at the top of the inn tray ;)

Cannabis rally gets go-ahead from GLA

May 10 2005

South London Press

PRO-CANNABIS campaigners banned from holding a festival in South London will rally in Trafalgar Square.

Thousands of people are expected to join the demonstration in central London, calling for the drug to be legalised.

Organisers were forced to look elsewhere in February when Lambeth council refused them permission to host the seventh Cannabis March and Festival in Brockwell Park, Herne Hill - alleging drug dealing had taken place at last year's event.

But the Greater London Authority (GLA) has allowed the march and rally to go ahead on Sunday.

Organiser Shane Collins said: "I am pleased the march is going ahead in such a high-profile spot but disappointed that Lambeth is to lose out."

The march will begin in Russell Square at 1pm and continue to Trafalgar Square, where speakers will lead the rally from 3pm to 7pm.


Edited by bongme

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:puke: oh i am sooooooooooooo excited.....

Hopefully by now you have all heard whats happening on sunday? :bush:

Meet at Russel Square London at 1pm THIS SUNDAY, take a mellow stroll with ya spliff n ya pals up to Trafalgar Square London, with a bunch of lovely stoners....

Bring whistles, drums, fancy dress, laughter, and anything you would expect to find!!

When you arrive at trafalgar you will have a leisurly afternoons entertainment by the lovely Cannabis Granny, the THC4MS crew, Budbuddies and loads of other cannabis celebrities including the LCA candidates and a phone call live from Howard Marks......

The gig will be finished by 7pm giving you all plenty of time to mooch to whereever you have travvelled from in time for work on monday....

there is a website up and running with more info i think its called "Cannabistrust" otherwise I am sure that if you go to the cannabis festival website they'll have the details as this has been arranged due to the cancellation of the usual Brixton march.

Hope I see you there....

It'll be fun....

Love Jag x :soap:

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:puke: this will be a great day.....

:soap: i noticed a bit earlier about fights and violence etc.....

:stoned: just want EVERYONE to know that there (to my knowledge) has never been any violence or problems at any of the previous 5 marches, (maybe this is why we dont get any press, we are sooooo dammed peacefull!) so please do not think that this event will be any different, the venue may have changed, but we are not organising any sort of "protest or abuse" towards the police, they have granted permission for this event, and the reason is because the police enjoy this event because its so chilled out, i even got a photo of me toking with a copper last year!!!

B) it'll be a great day, full of smiles and laughter, and the police are there to deal with any arseholes who ruin the day for us peacefull kids, its well organised, and the only arrests made at previous events were for dealers with plenty of little bags on them (three arrests) and a few pissheads.....

so if your not dealing and your not pissed, you will have a great time.

and if there looks like trouble please do not get involved unless absolutly necesary.

this event has a record for being peacefull!

Hugs and hope to see you all there.....I will see everyone, but weather you notice me or not all depends....

Love Jag x

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The Entheogen Defence Fund is planning a march against Clause 21 in London on the 15th May 2005. We will be joining Annual Cannabis Carnival March into central London.

We will also have our own stage and speakers (to be announced).

More details will be available shortly.


wish I could go but skint :wassnnme:

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i might well b there im not sure yet .. but u wont miss me i will b at the front getting some nice telly shots of da arse :smoke::bangin:;)

oh yeah and me uk420 banner :smoke:

Edited by CATSARSE

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im heading up from ipswich so any1 comeing from same area pm me and we hook up onway up on train.......

just looking for route from ipswich and come across this link or 2.....

russel square tube....

tube map .... http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/the-tube-map.php?z=b2&t=223



hopefully see u there

peace ........

Edited by -=P.I.M.P.=-

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This is obviously spamming in order to get you apathic peeps to London...

Come on lets change a stupid law about a wise plant..

:yinyang: winstone :yinyang:

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I'll be there, but I live quite close so its easy for me. lol

Some peeps live miles away and may have difficulties getting around though. :yinyang:

Any news about possible after parties or anything like that ?

Nat :yinyang:

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I'll try to get there, depends on finances trains aint cheap!

If I don't make it, make sure you spark a few up for me

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Sunday eh!?

Got nothing else on!

I'll be there!

Peace outside


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