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Your Best Photos Of Plants Grown Under DIYLEDUK kits

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SeedStockers Gelato 41 - Vegging in a 1.3 litre pot of organic compost. Topped Once. Plant will be getting potted up this week. Feed Intense Nutrients Organix grow. 



Started life under 60 watts of samsung strips then under the new Scopex100 Led Bar . Light sits about 5 inches above the plants.






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Here's a couple of my Sweet Seeds plants,

which were flowered under the Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro(at 75% 450W)


Sweet Zkittlez

















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3 x Scope 375W Version 1 lights still going strong here.  2 things I’ve noticed with these new-fangled lights is that it is easy to burn my plants and I sometimes need an oil rad in the summer to keep temps in the right zone!  Currently growing subbie seeds and Footloose in coco fed with Blumat Tropf drippers just grow A&B and universal traces.



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Just cause I like this pic lol


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