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Light burn, and general growing tips

 Hi all, this is only my second post so far, I am looking at setting up a bigger scale grow with a friend.

I have grown a few plants in the past but never been really serious more as a hobby to see if I can.

I have a fairly good understanding of the natural growth of the plants however I have only ever used soil and water I have never added any nutes or had them under lights the full process. My last grow went fairly badly long story short I started them naturally then put them under lights to flower but they didn't grow very well buds were loose no density at all and a very poor smoke, I wasn't expecting it to be amazing but a little better than it turned out.

My current grow is going very well (in my own opinion) it seems to be thriving the first time I have ever had a plant under light from start to hopefully finish, I have discovered light burn my plant has grown too close to the light so after a little reading on the problem I decided my best option was to tie the top of the plant and pull is slightly to the side to move the plant away from the light. My plant is going well and I have only used water and grown in normal store bought soil, will the light burn affect the plant? Is there anything I can do to repair it? If I continue only to feed the plant water will the finished product be a fairly good quality smoke (as long as all goes well)?


When we are ready with our new setup, from personal experiences what nutes and soil would you recommend using?

What equipment would you recommend purchasing?

What strains would you recommend starting with? (For good flavour and yield)


Thanks for reading this post, i would appreciate any feedback, and any tips or advice anyone can offer.


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for nutes i would go either canna bio or plant magic oldtimers both easy to use no boosters

for soil i would say biobizz lightmix to start off then a bag of h&g batmix for potting up with or a bag of clover.

lights thats a minefield depends on size of growing area and budget and running costs vs upfront costs best at moment are cmh lighting and quantum led boards  both seem to be able to do the job better than usual mh bulbs watt for watt

as for strains what do you fancy ? look at the breeders section on here you will find something from one of them for definate 

dont look for maximum yield first time round i would recommend a feminised photperiod seed as they are quite forgiving compared to autos and no males :)

must haves are carbon filter with fan thats bigger specced than your room  and a contactor for light if using a ballast.

your plant that are growing now will soon have used all the food in the soil and will want more food before the end or flower 

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@doobie01 thanks for your reply, appreciate your feedback I'll look at addng some nutes to my current grow really want a fairly good quality smoke from it.

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Yes mate no worries :-) all the info you could ever need is in the forum.

Just have a good read through and anything tour not sure about ask and someone on here will know the answer

Enjoy your growing mate 

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