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RSO Strains for Warm Climates

Hello Everyone,


It's been a long while since I've posted on here, I'm back to seek your wisdom. 


I'm currently in a warm climate south of Europe, the following 4 months will be packed with heat and sun.


I'm ordering RQS Amnesia Haze Automatic for myself to smoke and make some oil out of - which should be fun.


On the other hand I'm looking for some Indica heavy strains that do well in warm outdoor climates ideally heavy in both THC and CBD.


The reason? My SO's mother has stage 4 liver cancer and is currently using a weak, locally purchased oil that is mixed with olive oil and seems to run out quite fast.


We're looking to create our own cannabis oil that packs a stronger punch with a higher count of CBD.


We will be growing outdoors and in the ground, tonnes of exposure to sunlight with temperatures currently around 32 celsius and it's only going to get warmer.


So my question is (finally): What automatic Indica-based strain is best for making into oil that can really take advantage of the sunlight we have. 


A strain ideally high in CBD as well as THC.


Thanks :)

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Try a few a find out, If its outdoors you can grow alot.

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