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edyn garden sensor

Evening all think its over three years since been active on here but once again, I'm back and hoping to be active in a month or so, if you know what i mean ;)

But I've just found this and wondering if anyone had heard of it??


it's an all in one sensor that pairs to your phone and sends temp nutrient levels water levels. Granted you'd need One per plant. With being a loft grower and disabled i reckon it would save me having to go in the loft everyday to check levels.

I know it might not be too everyone's taste or style, but i was impressed even though im waiting for the robot who could grow it for me lol

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Evening all think its over three years since been active on here

You don't phone, you don't call, I'm very disappointed.

Anyway, welcome back :)

Looks kind of unnecessary but men can die if they don't have gadgets.

I'd want to make sure the app wasn't pre-programmed with specific selections of veg rather than being able to dial the nute schedule in yourself.

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Welcome back :)

I've been looking at garden tech recently mainly a SMS temp prob that rings ya phone if air temps get above a set level after my extractor failed and my lights fried my plants for 9 hours :(

I don't think this gadget is really needed although it looks cool, if your room is dialled in you shouldn't need it

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might not float your boat but i have a micro pc with sensors to everything! Granted i used a spare pc pump i had for my res so it already had a sensor but i can see all temps and airflow via that pc and so via my phone. Quite useful if i am away for a few days because i don't panic something has stopped working :D I found garden stuff to be stupidly expensive when i could re purpose some stuff i had lying around

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