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Found 11 results

  1. Tucker's 2019 Dinafem Outdoor Auto Adventure Hello hello hello , Yep its that time of year again. The long dark and cold winter is receding aday at a time. I decided to sign up to this Dinafem outdoor competition because of the great strains on offer and i would never turn down the offer of getting a outdoor project on the go. Firstly I’d like to thank the seed sponsor @Dinafem-Mark for allowing me to take part and grow some of these marvellous Dinafem strains. For this grow diary I've decided to choose White Widow Auto and White Widow XXL Auto and some Amnesia Autos which have been sat in my fridge for a year . I’m really interested in giving auto’s a try and i can see that autos are improving in quality. Lets face it ,autos are getting better and better and i believe they will feature more and more in the coming years. Inspired by other growers on uk420. This diary/ competition entry is dedicated to growing auto strains in the somewhat unreliable English summer. Watch this space for an update .... Speak soon.
  2. Hello folks I hope everyone is doing fine during this pandemic and lockdown. This is my first proper guerrilla grow, I say proper because when I last tried a couple years back I didn't really put much of an effort when I first tried a couple years back and ended up carrying one of my plants back home to my back garden to finish off. So firstly her is a list of plants/seeds that I have on the go for this year... Photoperiod x1 OG Kush (it's about 4-5 weeks old now) x1 Gorilla Autoflowers x1 White Widow XXL x6 Roadrunner If you're new to Dinafem and haven't heard of Roadrunner that would be because it's a fairly old strain and I don't believe there's any info on it on their website let alone the availability to purchase it, though I think you might be able to purchase seeds of this strain from vendors like Attitude. I've never kept my seeds in a refrigerator so I was quite worried that they wouldn't germinate and I thought "ah to heck with it, I'll give 'em a go and see what happens". To get my seeds started they all went into a shot glass of water and have been left till they crack open and the taproots come out. I don't have any early pictures of my OG Kush so apologies for that. But before I get to the pictures of the plant and seeds here's the two plots I gotten to work on(I may make a third plot).
  3. Hello my fellow gardeners, This year I am doing an outdoor dinafem/ HSO adventure, up in the scenic highlands of Scotland. Im at latitude 57, so I often find myself shoeing away angry moose, arctic foxes and polar bears. Ive been trying to grow outdoors for a few years - with very little success, mostly due to running photo strains, poor preparation, bud rot,and all manner of other fuck ups along the way. BUT.....this year is gonna be different - oh yes indeedy. ive had a word with the big fellah upstairs and ordered lashing of sun, only occasional showers and a dry September, so it should be good. ive got a target of 40 grams to beat, this being my best attempt so far, brought about last year due to the sweltering summer, and using autos This year im going with Dinafems awesome white widow xxl, and moby dick xxxl autos. Ive done both varieties indoors and they did really well,. Im not expecting a gram per watt outjsdoors, but i'll aim for the stars, as ye do. Plots are in the process of getting holes filled with B&Qs finest verve. I will be adding some blood fish and bone, and a handful of organic chicken manure, along with some phospherous to help get the root system going at the atart. Apart from that, they might get a top dressing or 2 as the season goes on, depending on how they look. Heres the hardware ive got some decent plots this year, I hope, and will be spreading the slug pellets around the plants, as ive seen a few slugs around the plot. I will be soaking the seeds in a couple of weeks, growing them indoors for a week to 10 days, then they will be left to fend for themselves. Im just finished picking the first ticks of the season off my body after last nights soil run. SO lets get it on!
  4. Hi guys just a little update on my grow. As many of you will know I’ve had various issues past few months but seem to have everything dialed in with the help of a few people on here. I have in the two grow rooms. Royal queen seeds - northern lights barneys farm - sweet tooth dinafem - white widow xxl dinafem - amnesia xxl. All I have is praise for dinafem their autos are so easy to look after and the white widow xxl started to pre flower after only 17 days!! Again the customer service from dinafem is second to none @Dinafem-Mark helped me with numerous questions I had and even sent some free seeds out after a few failed to germinate which was probably my fault anyway! Any way just just wanted to give a little review on each strain after 5 weeks of growing today. Royal queen seeds - northern lights - this is my second favourite strain so far apart from the white widow xxl it is literally 5ft tall and the buds are piling on. barneys farm - sweet tooth - after 5 weeks there are barely any pre-flowers showing but again about 5ft tall so if you’re not after a quick turn around and big yield (which is looks like to be at present) this could be a good strain for you. dinafem - white widow xxl - I have no words for this strain I have used 11litre fabric pots and a couple are 5ft tall after 5 weeks! Look at the amount of colas already!!(I know they’re slightly over fed. They really don’t need much mutes compared to the other so tried to keep a happy medium keeping all autos happy with 0.9 ec at present) The two photos below are the smallest white widow xxl I have but even still they’re piling on the weight. Dinafem - amnesia xxl - I got 2 of these seeds free and again they’re 5ft tall and piling on the buds. Very easy to grow. Sorry for lack of photos with other strains the grooms are packed at the minute so struggling to get decent pics haha. Will post some if interest.
  5. WWxxld18.jpg

    From the album Diaries and comps 2018

    Day 18
  6. Hi guys n gals how's it going? Good that's what I like to hear Welcome to Dinafems 2017 outdoor grow competition! First of all I'd like to say a big thank-you to @Dinafem-Mark & @Dinafem Seeds for running this competition for us lot again and an even bigger thanks for picking me as a competitor, you can't beat a bit of competition it's what drives us to push things to their full potential. The two strains I've chosen for this competition are the highly spoken White Widow XXL Autoflowerer and the O.G. Kush Photoperiod. Here's a bit of information about the two strains off the Dinafem Website I hope to have more information regarding how they fair in the UK climate come the end of the season. The O.G. Kush is being germinated on 4/20 as I believe it to be good luck and the White Widow's are being started at a later date because I wan't to push them to their full potential. White Widow XXL - Autoflower Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors Sex : Feminized autoflowering Genotype: Indica dominant Cross: White Widow elite clone x White Widow Auto Comprehensive life cycle: 80 days Outdoor harvest time: April-October Indoor yield: 400-450 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 60-170 g/plant THC: High O.G. Kush - Photoperiod Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors Sex: Feminized Genotype: 25% Sativa/ 75% Indica Cross: Lemon Thai/Pakistani x Chemdawg Indoor flowering period: 55 days Outdoor harvest time: Early/Mid-October Indoor yield: 550 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 1100 g/plant Outdoor height: Up to 3 m THC: Very high (up to 24%) That's all for now folks, Pictures of the plot and germination process to follow. May the growing commence!
  7. Dinafem White Widow XXL

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Dinafem White Widow XXL fooking huge plants! bigger than any of my photo periods so far and only just begun flowering. Well impressed to say the least
  8. Dinafem White Widow XXL

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Dinafem White Widow XXL fooking huge plants! bigger than any of my photo periods so far and only just begun flowering. Well impressed to say the least
  9. Dinafem White Widow XXL

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Dinafem White Widow XXL fooking huge plants! bigger than any of my photo periods so far and only just begun flowering. Well impressed to say the least