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Found 32 results

  1. Hi, I am growing for the first time. I have a 60 x 60 x 140 tent and am maintaining a good temperature and decent level of humidity. My 2 seedlings are 10 days old and just forming their 3rd set of leaves! So far so good. Variety: Amnesia Haze (fast fem) Soil: Super fine seedling compost Pots : 4 inch Watering with 6.2 pH (adjusted tap water) I have a few questions which I hope you can answer for me please. My leaves are just across to the edges of the pots - should I repot now? And should I repot to final pots (7.5lt) or choose something halfway? I have a bag of Canna Coco - should my plants be going into this now (repot)? Will it be a good time to cut main stem once 6 sets of leaves appear - I intend to cut just above 4th node? Am I correct in assuming that after topping ( say 3 or 4 days ) I should be fine to start LST? Finally (phew I hear you say), when should I add nutrients? Thank you for your patience, please help this locked-down Grandma on her first adventure!
  2. Having a go with some of Paniks semi autos this year and was wondering how they handle topping and a bit of training and also lollipopping? From what I understand with full autos your best to leave them be, just wondered if the semi autos are the same? I bloody hate trimming larfy lowers
  3. Hi, hello, how’s it going? Vertically challenged Indica help? This is my first grow and I would just like a sanity check if that’s okay? So I’ve been vegging these for about 6 weeks now. I feel I left it a bit late for the LST but it’s just the plant was/is so short and bushy it felt like it was to stumpy to have an effect, anyway.... My question is now, do I defoliate these humongous fan leaves from the top or are they absorbing more light for the plant than they are blocking out. The bud site below seems to be doing okay in its shade? any other comments welcome - they are Power Flower from RQS grown under maxibright daylight LED, fabric pots, coco, 18/6 THIS IS ONE OF THE MASSIVE FAN LEAVES - 3 near the top of each plant, as big as my (not small) hand THE BUD SITE ITS SHADING... A SIDE VIEW OF ONE OF MY VERTICALLY CHALLENGED PLANTS.... TOP VIEW AFTER TWO ROUNDS OF TOPPING....
  4. Hi guys, i'm in veg on day 12 now on a hso gorilla breath in a 10l soil pot (might start a diary soon to help others as well as myself) and its growing pretty fast under my hlg quantum board and i'm already on 3 nodes with the 4th just starting. I'm looking to yield the most bang for my buck as i use weed in either my vaporizer or also in edibles for my pain management and have found it to be the only actual effective natural medicine that i've tried, meaning that i only need around 2-3 ounces a month and i know that this small tent won't exactly cut it but at least it saves me money long term. Is the best way to go about filling the tent up for yield to top now and then begin low stress training the main branches? also do i have to wait a week for it to heal before doing this? I have looked around and have come across many different answers on the topic and thought that it would just be better to ask on here for a better opinion in my situation with such a small tent as this forum has been extremely useful in gaining knowledge Cheers you guys
  5. Topping 110520

  6. Topping 110520 1b

  7. Anyone know what this might be appeared a few days back can provide more pics if needed, rest of the plant seems to be fine and growth doesn’t seem to be any slower.400w mhCocoCanna a and bPh 5.9 - temps 25c and 70% humidity
  8. Topping/fimming

    From the album 1st grow pics

  9. Under the trellis net

    From the album 4th grow

  10. Canopy

    From the album 4th grow

  11. -20191121-151825-2363x2795.JPG

    From the album Michael

    Day 26 GG4 topped.
  12. Dinafem blueberry cookies.jpg

  13. Good morning to you all. 3 1/2 weeks into my Fast Buds grow - 2 x Blue Dream'matic & 2 Mexican Airlines. Gorilla Shorty Tent 3 x 3 x 5.8 Grow Northern Telos 0008 [Supplementary GN HS1 + HLG 100 QB should either or both be required at flowering stage.] Phresh 6" Hyperfan + CarboAir 50 carbon filter. Soil grow with 70/30 mix of Biobizz All Mix & Biobizz Light Mix. [15l Root Pouches] Ecothrive Charge & Biosys -[Will add Biobizz Bloom or Molasses once flowering commences.] At day 26 with all the plants - due to my daft decision to grow 4 in a small space I've experimented with fimming on 1 and topping on another - all 4 have had some defoliation in order to open up the budsites. Will keep you posted on a regular basis. Any advice most welcome. Ciao 4 now, Harry
  14. Hi, this is the first time I am going to be topping my plants and I am not sure at which level I should top them. This is my doubt: bottom or top? Thank you.
  15. Hello guys, i hope someone could help me with this as i am currently growing one of these and was hoping to get a cut for a mother plant from her so it makes sense to me to top her , what do you think ? thanks in advance
  16. Hi after my last fuck up of watering half way through and the poor girl never recovering i have started off 3 newbies today I have a couple of questions i can i top the star ryders ?? If so when secondly what shoould my room temps can i mix the hessi blue with canna florris for the flowering stage also how often and what amount of mm should i be putting in and how often as well as best lighting methoid re 18 6 20 4 or 24 Sorry for asking these questions but every time ive tried a grow i can only manage to get arround 34 gms average on a sucssefull grow but yet i notice its possible in optimum condtions ya can get over 80 g per plant im useing a digital balast (fusion) with a 400 watt metal halide in at the moment then plan on putting my 600 watt hps lamp wen they do come into bud , im useing 7 and half liter pots with holes drilled into them to act as air pots (so to speak ) Thank you for your input gents
  17. So I've got 4 Black DOG from HSO going in 4x11L Jack Magic. Going nice coming up to week 4 of veg and topped them all nearly a week ago like I always do. But I have never topped the 2 new main tops or topped anything else but the main stem. Can I retop the 2 new tops and when? Do I wait for the 4th node again? And yeah can I top the side/lower branches as most of them have nearly reached the top canopy. Thanks in advance and sorry for my ignorance I should of asked this grows ago Peace and pot
  18. Hi, Im just curious as to when I should top my plants, Can I top in veg? How often should I top in veg and flower. Cheers
  19. soft-topping.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds Comp Pictures

    how I top my plants (lost picture re-post)

    © rabthegrower

  20. Good evening friends. Could a knowledgeable person take a wee look at my diary (Trumpton) and give some advice? Are they ready to top? Are they healthy? They are 31 days old, Kripple Roulette Feminised.
  21. Hi all.. Just wondering when the best time to top plants would be?
  22. Good morning all. I've uploaded a gallery at last! Took a nine year old to show me how. Bless him. 😬😦😦. Im learning g as I go, should I start training/topping them? Any suggestions on good tutorials? You tube is awash with videos! I'm really enjoying this. Also, would it be too late to repot them? Square pots would be better for space. Have just realised that loose women is on the TV. FFS.
  23. Hi guys just a quick couple questions. I was going to top one of my plants for the second time. (They are in veg) while looking at the one of the tops i snapped it clean off under the topped part like the stem of it under the nodes, I taped it back together but because it was a clean break would it join up or not and what will be the outcome? If i take it off Will something grow from that point of the break? Second question, on another plant when trying to lst I kinda snapped a branch i taped that up too about 2 days ago but it's looking limp should I get rid of it or leave it hanging. Sorry about these Newb questions. I'm not even gonna go near them for awhile now, when I watch vids and read up on lst and supercropping and all that comes with it I just wanna dive in but I need to not do that cos I'm fucking up my plants. Im not even gonna lst then for a bit cos I don't wanna snap any more. Im not sure how to add pictures from my mobile or I would show u guys. Cheers guys .