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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, first post in a while. I smoked for years but just wanting to dabble in growing as for the first time I own property with some outside space and current lockdown restrictions are making if difficult to get any where I live at the minute. so where I’m at is I have a west facing balcony with a 2 small greenhouse in which I already start veg plants for my allotment and grow tomatoes. (60cm wide 30 deep and 120 tall each, Room for 1 more if needed) And iv ordered 5 auto flower northern lights seeds, open to trying 1 or 2 now and saving the rest or using them all.. so my question, what to do now. Looking for advice on germinating, soil/coco, feeding and drying. As I said it’s my first time and it’s outdoors, I’m not looking to invest masses of cash into it until iv got a bit of experience so just wanted the essentials il need to produce half decent smokable buds. thank you for any advice it’s much appreciated as I really am clueless at the minute, my seeds arrive in 3 working days
  2. Hi, My tent arrives later today and I'm starting the kit process. I have been recommended to speak to @diyleduk as they seem like the LED god around here. I will do that, but in the meantime I would also like to get some broader research. Does anyone have any suggestions for off the shelf lights that will fit a 50cm x 50cm x 100cm grow tent? Ideally under £100, as quiet as possible and suitable for both veg and flowering, and from Amazon, but I'm not that fussy where it comes from. I know that's very specific criteria and possibly a big ask, but go big or go home right? Thanks in advance.
  3. my friend has asked me for some help with his plants, he got some shiva skunk bagseed and the oldest is 2 months 2 weeks and is only 6" tall. he has topped and is using nutrients, i just dont know what the problem is... hes using a 400w hps in a 2.5, 2.5, 6 ft. any help is appreciated, cheers
  4. Hey all hope its going well, Having ditched my previous idea of growing in a water butt due to having nowhere to put it I was thinking about growing under my bedroom sink. It is a relatively small space at W: .45m x H; .65m x L: 1.15m not to mention its got a sink in it but perhaps with some lst I could make it work. Does anyone any experience growing in very small spaces and could point me in the right direction? Or let me know if it just a complete waste of time? Thanks, budie
  5. Aren't the roots too small as for 26 days in flowering? I am affraid :/
  6. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read my thread. I am a 1st time grower and have started my 6 seedlings (auto flowering) all in 1 pot 10cm (i know this is bad now) They are 3 days in and have grown to about 2 inches high with the second set of spikey leaves appearing. I am growing these on a window seal in a very humid room with natural sunlight, how can i re-pot without stunting? Could anyone advise on my best way forward? Once re-potted they will be going under a T5 Light with heated mat untill warm enough to plant outside. Many Thanks Bigbuds.
  7. Really basic small grow, thinking big enough for my autopot 2pot with airdomes, going to be doing a scrog so height isnt an issue with some correct training. Im in two minds as to go for a dual spectrum 300watt cfl as this will not be a main grow or what else?, im trying to budget a little too, I have some canna coco, perlite and AN jungle juice nutes spare for it. As for a fan I was going to get a budget 4" set up with a basic fan.... Me and a buddy are building the box as I also have a lot of mylar spare... So which light and does this sound a decent set up, going for wardrobe size btw. Could you please tell me pros and cons of cfls at 300 watt, Cheers guys.