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Found 108 results

  1. SCOPEX LED GROW LIGHTS The launch of our third generation Scope series strip light, is upon us. After extensive sampling, testing and scrutinising of endless plug and play strip arrays from a variety manufacturers; we know more than most that all are not equal. In keeping with our hard-earned reputation for providing you guys with the highest performance lights at the best price - without any compromises on quality or safety - we bring to you with much excitement, SCOPEX®! Introducing the first models to become available.... The SCOPEX® 680w range. Click on the link below to take a closer look at each model. There's also a link for the SCOPEX® 680 Advanced on our main website that are currently available to order. SCOPEX® 680 PRO - Available from April SCOPEX® 680 ADVANCED - Available to order now here SCOPEX® 900 - Available from April SCOPEX® 900 PRO - Available from April Here's a peak at the 900 watt range SCOPEX® 100 - Available from April also. Extremely versatile bars, these'll be. We're offering 10% off the SCOPEX® 680 ADVANCED for the first 50 customers who read all the way to the end of this post use the code SCOPEX at checkout also. I hope you're all ready!
  2. Hi all DIY'ers, I thought you might like a look at a hybrid light I made from 2x @diyleduk products. First purchase was a 'Scope 275' back in the day, later upgraded just the lighting strips to Scope V2, which offer more deep reds than the original Scope. Then came a High Light 240 lighting board, which I bought after reading the following blurb: "The extremely popular highlight board kit - for true connoisseur growers - is back and better than ever! With new features and an improved spectrum; these are amongst the most advanced LED grow lights on the market.The new "High Light 420" Horticultural LED pcb takes growing to the next level. With a broader UV range, increased Far Red, splash-resistant coating, and a waterproof plug-and-play cable system. With 20% better efficiency than the original High Light boards - over 3 umol/j at low current - these Australian-made grow lights combine top-bin Nichia LEDs with an array of customised highly efficient LED Teknik diodes (420 total), that cover the entire spectral range from UV to Far Red (390nm-780nm) with no supplementary lighting required. A collaboration between Grow Lights Australia and LED Teknik, the High Light 420 board is the most efficient “true” full spectrum, single-channel LED grow light on the market. These new lights have 5% UV and near-UV (390-420nm) and 10% Far Red (700-780nm) for faster growth and essential oil production." Most of which I didn't understand except the bit that says "faster growth and essential oil production", and I was sold. The High Light 240 alone is possibly overkill for an 80x80cm tent but I knew they'd be great together. I bolted a frame together using 40mm aluminium u-channel for the Scope V2 strips, wrapped the frame around the High Light pcb, wired the Scope strips back up in parallel and hung the beast up for my next SCROG. I even sprayed the frame in black paint to make it look nice. Both the Vo ADJ & Io ADJ on the original Scope driver now at lowest setting, which I believe to be 50% - The dimmer on the High Light is set to around 1/4 turn off the lowest setting. In action, both on: Using the Scope V2's to replicate sunrise and sunset, they're on alone for 2 hours before the High Light kicks in, same in reverse, the Scope's fly solo for the last 2 hours. Full sun Temps and RH% sorted My Sassberry (Purple Haze x GG3) looking happy with all that light. Another week and there's no space in there, especially once the grid is installed for an even canopy. So that's it, both lights really compliment each other. With 2x drivers on separate timers, I can play with both to respond to the plants needs. Both on 100% would create a lot of heat and probably burn the plants, but reducing both to half voltage, using only the Scope for the first and last 2hrs, I should keep running costs and heat down.
  3. Hi so I’m looking for new led lights and I’m trying to understand what difference the number of diodes make in a similar wattage fixture. For example. Gavita - 3300 Lux. 2000 Photontek/Lumatek 3700 Mars hydro (FC6500) 3100 (All figures are approx) I was under the impression that more leds meant higher efficiency but some lights have less leds but higher efeciency. Eg migro just review this He gave it an efficiency of 2.43 which is higher than the Gavita but only had 1750 leds I’m confused / does it matter? Also I’m thinking maybe the fixtures with less diodes will run hotter and degrade quicker. Does anyone have any knowledge of thoughts on this? Thanks
  4. Week 11 Day 71 3 Plants Down

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    Lost 2 plants and 1 poorly due to blocked drippers then after my poor adjustment a flood but luckily had a Garland tray to catch it...
  5. Week 6 LED Out Of Control SCRoG

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    Being fed 3ml A&B and nothing else. No booster shite here!
  6. Week 6 Day 39 1100umols At Closest Point

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    Tropf Blumats are brilliant! Although I had one block on me and nearly lost one Noname. The Ju Ju never thrived in the centre so I've let her go and allowed the other plants to colonise the space. Also smokie1bcfc kindly advised that he thought there may be some auto genes in it (it was chucking out flowers on a 20/4 lighting schedule). Light is nearly touching in places and despite 1100umols in places they are thriving!
  7. LED Coco SCRoG Net On

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    SCRoG net on and light increased to 300W at wall. Using PPFD meter shown in photo, centre reading +500umols. Falls to 380-400 at edges.
  8. LED Coco Multi-strain Last Day Of Veg

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    12/12: noon til midnight lights off. Feeding 3ml Growers Ark A&B grow, 2ml universal traces. Given 5ml universal traces and 5ml root tonic flush. Next flush just universal traces.
  9. From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    20/4 light schedule, pistils busting out on the Ju Ju. Know nothing about this strain...
  10. From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    Apex High Collective's Ju Ju in the centre. Looks a little "sativa" ish but can't find anything on the interweb about it and think I won them on here in a comp years ago. During veg there have been so many pistils that I thought it was trying to flower on 20/4 light cycle.