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Found 22 results

  1. Hello , hello, and welcome to my watery wonderland, roll up roll up (quite literally), and come and join Billy's circus of dreams. There will be some laughs, a bit of craic, some big ole ganja plants and a reserviour full of watery fun........ This year i have decided to join the sweet seeds competition again, and this time i am choosing 3 classic strains. Here they are im doing 2 of each, and the strains will be Jack 47, cream 47 and sweet afghan delicious. i did the SAD last year and enjoyed it so much im doing it again. it produced dense solid buds from bottom to top of the plant and tasted divine. The Jack 47 and cream 47 are unknown quantities, so it will be nice to test them out. im hoping the cream 47 has the power and the jack has the taste, but time will tell. i am going for something different this year, this year im going to try and grow a few trees...probably one of each strain, depending on how my germination goes. ive been killing a lot of seedlings lately, no idea how, or why, but i will try extra hard this year, because i want them all germed so i can pick the best ones for "redwood alley". My plan is to put them all into the system, see which ones take swimming lessons and which ones dont, and keep the 3 best . My room. Its about 2.5 wide by 4.2 long, and has a 9 pot, DIY, top fed, rdwc system in it. these are 60 litre totes, which are fed my a 8000litre pump on the 5 pot side , and a 4000 litre pump on the 4 pot side. Air pumps are 60 litre ones, and all pumps are Hailea. 2 golf ball airstones per pot. These arent really needed, but the more the merrier as i say i have 5 lights in there, all of them are dimmable ballast HPS, 600 watts. my fans are a 10 inch intake and a 12 inch extract, run off a simple DIY variac controller. Filter is currently an old rhino pro, 1 metre long, which is going to be changed out very shortly with a new one. Not a rhino tho, a Carboair. Germination. i will be soaking them overnight in a shot glass and then into kitchen roll till roots sprout, and then probably into the prop with some coco, till they have enough roots for the system. This is the same way ive been doing it for years, but i used to use the root it cubes, im not this time, as ive had some damping off lately in them, and no, before you say it, ive not been over spraying them. So they are in shot glasses as we speak, and i will report back when the excitement starts. Bring it on!!!! 'Mon the trees!
  2. “Medicinal” version of our Sweet Afgani Delicious S1® (SWS02), now featuring high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). This strain is the result of the cross between our appreciated and widespread elite clone of Black Domina ‘98 and a clone from the Diesel family very rich in CBD. The THC:CBD ratio of the resulting genetic from this cross stands between 1:1 and 1:3. The plants show a “different” psychoactivity, soft and gentle, adequate for cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of other type of strains rich in THC. This kind of CBD-rich genetics are appropriate for the treatment of multiple illnesses given the therapeutic and medicinal properties of both CBD and THC. Among other medicinal uses, CBD has been used to reduce anxiety, convulsions, nausea and vomits, inflammation, pain, and a long etcetera of pathological conditions. This variety has a typical Indica structure, with a big central bud, multiple side branches and large production of flowers and trichomes. The aroma of this genetic is very pleasant, sweet and musky, with fresh tones of cypress and a soft background of hot spices and wood. Variety SWS60 Indica/Sativa: 60%/40% Commercial Name: S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious CBD® THC:CBD Ratio: (1:1–1:3) Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 375-600 g/plant Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: late September Buy S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious CBD®
  3. Right then lads and lasses, this is my effort for the 5th Sweetseeds competition grow, I can remember doing the first three I think but I missed the last one, so hopefully this diary will go some way to making up for that. I will be growing 6 plants from the 12 seeds kindly gifted by Tommy and his friends due to space or lack of it in my 0.8 m2 veg room, but they will be heavily LST`d, this has paid huge dividends in the past and something I should really do a lot more. The seeds are, SAD, a rock solid selection, Black Jack, which I have only grown once and didn`t do it justice but from what I saw others produce it should be a belter, and out of pure curiosity I`ve also chosen Gorilla Girl (GSC x Gorilla Glue) as I`ve not grown either out yet. So let the games begin! I`ve decided to try out a new compost too for a change, its called Vitax and looks divine in the bag, no lumps of wood or other crap like most composts these days, and dare I say it feels better than Erin! Here`s a few of shots I have popped the seeds into the compost directly, my preferred method. I watered them in with some Maxicrop seaweed plant growth stimulant which has always given great roots, I also have some mycorrhizal inoculant to add at potting up time. and finally a shot of chosen seeds and pots ready to go They are now sat in a propagator until they pop, and then they will be transferred to the veg room under a T5 for the first week or so, maybe less depending on how much light they want. The tools for the grow will be; Veg room has T5/250hps/400hps as they develop, a SMS hybrid extraction fan controller with temp/light probes, under pot horticultural under pot heat mat with temp probe and a circulating fan on a 5 step variac controller so it`s not aggressively hitting the plants. In Flower they will be in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent with another SMS hybrid fan controller for the extraction, 2 x 315cmh lights and a couple of horti heat mats to keep roots toasty, and circulating fan. Right, I think that`s everything for now, so thanks again to Sweetseeds for doing this fun comp again, and the free seeds
  4. Hi there, looking for some help on what may be wrong with my plants. Some leaves look very strange, see images below. They pick back up but then others go like this, almost like they are being rated down one side of the leaf but no sign of pests! I am growing in coco, fabric pots, 600w hps, have done 2 weeks cuttings/seedlings am now on second week veg. Transplanted into bigger pots last night not that this means anything as the leaves have been like this for a couple weeks. Feed bucket stays in my Grow room that I built (1.2x1.2x1.9) so not cold feed. Also looking for advice whether I should start stress training at all, if so what method and how do you recommend? thanks in advance
  5. Week 2 Flower,,,,,,,,,, 5 weeks Veg Hi all ,,bit late posting this as plants are 2 weeks into flower but they look so good i had to share I have 3 Sweet Cheese and 1 SAD .i put on An other SAD as they are a special plant imo Here is a look at opening of tent They are on 1 mill bloom and 1 mill grow and they look a bit hungry so next watering will up bloom to 2 mill I have bought a cool tube to keep temps down and it is fantastic temps not going over 27 ..so well happy This is Left side of tent ... And Right side .... So all going great again Loving these Sweet Seeds so far all seeds cracked so no probs
  6. Hi all ,First time diary on Sweet Seeds Site ,Looking forward to this grow the strains sound amazing so here we go : S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious F1 Fast Version® Feminized and non-autoflowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of
the most sweet and aromatic strains. This genetic is a hybrid resulting from the cross between a selected genetic line of de SWS24 (S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto®) and a Black Domina elite clone selected in 1998. The cross between the autoflowering genetic and the non-autoflowering clone produces non- autoflowering F1 Hybrids and shortens flowering time by one week. A strain with very dense buds and a big resin producer. The aroma of this strain is exquisite, very sweet and musky, typical of some Old School Afghan plants. Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version Feminized and non-autoflowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of the most famous cannabic families of all time, considered nowadays as a classic of cannabis breeding.
This strain is the result of the hybridisation between a selected genetic line of our SWS34 (Sweet Skunk Auto) and an Early Skunk elite clone. The F1 hybrid resulting from the cross between the autoflowering and the non-autoflowering strains originates a non-autoflowering Skunk genetic with a very fast flowering. The aroma of this strain is very sweet and spicy, just like the classic aroma that we usually find within the Skunk family. This strain produces thick buds, loaded with abundant and aromatic resin. Yummy Yummy Here is my set up : Veg Box 60x60x90 Green Qube 300 watt CFL Tube heater Rhino 4 inch extraction and filter Flower Tent Green Cube Roof Tent 120x120x180 600 Watt HPS AllMix 11 litre pots Biobizz Grow,Bloom,Fishmix,Top Max 24 inch desk fan rhino filter and extraction fan and intake oil filled rad for lights off heating Package arrived Will be just using the SAD and Sweet Skunk Put 2 SAD and 2 Sweet Skunk in to 2 inch pots with seed mix and then cling film over the pots for humidity Then into Veg tent The Tent is on its side hence the opening on floor Temps are at 21 inside tent and 12 outside Will be spraying the tent with water to keep Humidity up Well now wait begins ,lights are on 24/0 Thanks for Looking
  7. 20170401-184736.jpg

    From the album Vertical Grow Room 2

    3 weeks flowering sad
  8. Sweet Seeds SAD.

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Far corner of the SAD section.
  9. Sweet Seeds S.A.D.

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Possibly the largest colas of the crop, very fast flowering too. At only 5 weeks into 12/12 these have shot along like lightning.
  10. 20170305-103433.jpg

    From the album Vertical Grow Room 2

    Repotted into final pot 6.5l
  11. 20170305-102649.jpg

    From the album Vertical Grow Room 2

    3 weeks old
  12. 20170226-103902.jpg

    From the album Vertical Grow Room 2

    Sad potted up into 3.5litres
  13. 20170226-102135.jpg

    From the album Vertical Grow Room 2

    Sad 12 days old
  14. 20170219-124213.jpg

    From the album Vertical Grow Room 2

    Approx. 5 days from germination.
  15. SAD Sweet Afgani Delicious Bud - 61days

    From the album Rafa420's pics

  16. Gonna keep this question as brief as possible. More details of my beginners setup in my grow diary (link in signature) Made an impulse purchase of some SAD autos, don't think it was a bad purchase but now after reading up on Autos and their preferred lighting schedules of 18/6 or 20/4 I have a dilemma and was hoping for some advice please. What would be the best way forward with the two seeds I've just sown, given my current options: 1 Keep in make shift veg room, 400W total CFLs on 18/6, just natural ventilation but decent temps and humidity, from germination right through to harvest. (Could have an issue with smell?) 2 Keep in Veg room for now until showing signs of flower then move into flower tent, 400W HPS 12/12 with extraction. 3 Put straight into flower room, say a week after germination 4 As I'm in sunny spain and do have some outdoor space (although worried about keeping it secret, the space isn't over looked) germ in the veg room then stick outside and see what happens? Any alternative recommendations much appreciated.
  17. Heya Sweet Seeds sub-forum Some of you may know me from the chatroom, others from my Auto Anesthesia/+Speed diary (shameless link ). In any case, I am Day 32/33 of +Speed at the moment but have already got 3 more Auto Sweet Seeds on the go. They were in my PC veg box (which is detailed in the other thread) for 11 days after popping their pretty heads. But to give a clearer view of my grow 'rooms': Veg box: three 23w 6500k CFLs; two 120mm Arctic fans (in and outtake); one 80mm antec fan over canopy Grow-room: Hydrolab60 (60x60x140cm); 250w HPS; 200w dual spectrum CFL; 100 RVK outtake fan in a leepy box with carbon filter inside tent; 100 unknown brand intake fan; desktop oscillating tower fan for canopy/circulation; Tent is in a cupboard of 1m2 with ducting going to vents made in door. My method of germination is: Submerge seeds in (separate if more than one strain) cups of Highland Spring mineral water (about a centimeter) until they crack and the taproot spurts. Usually this takes 24-48 hours, and I keep it in a cardboard shoe box near a radiator under my desk. I also tried using a lizard heat mat this time around and that helped somewhat. Plant ~3cm/inch under B&Q seeds soil in a pot of 0.75ltr or 0.5ltr. Cover pot with cling film for humidity (Seed/lings like 60-70%) Wait for them to pop out of soil Uncover pots and place them under a desk CFL for 24hours before putting them into my veg box. 100% Germination so far, long may that continue. As mentioned, they have been vegging for 11 days in the veg room and I initially fed them only water, with some weak strength PM beneficial (Catalyst, Root Stimulant and Bio-silicon). I only fed them twice with these beneficial: Added 0.25ml catalyst, 0.3 root stim, 2 drops silicon to 250ml tap feeding 50ml to each (I had some chillis too) 1 ml root stim; 0.5ml cata; 0.25ml grow; 6 drops silicon (0.2-0.3ml) to 500ml, feeding 100ml each These were in-between feeds of 50-100ml water only, somewhat 2-3 days apart. Today was Day 11, and I transplanted them to 6.5litre pots, which were filled with sieved PM supreme soil, sprinkled hole with PM granules and then fed: Mixed up 2ltr of 3ml catalyst, 5ml root stim, 0.5 silicon to a liter of RO water and a liter of waitrose mineral water (2liters total) Fed 500ml to each plant I had seen either Tommy or Jaypp, amongst others, doing a transplant where you cut off the bottom and place it into the final pot. So I decided to do that with the SAD and transplant the other two normally. Without further ado's, some pics and hopefully some better pics 60 days from now I apologise in advance if I don't update as often since I'll have two diaries for the time being, but knowing the procrastinator and work-dodging git that I am, I probably will update more often than not! Day 2: Day 3: Day 8: Day 11 - transplant (SAD left, Cream Caramel back, Sweet Cheese front) Thanks for reading/popping by Sending good vibes to your grow rooms
  18. Day 77 SAD Harvest

    From the album Sweet seeds autos

  19. Day 28 from germination #1

    From the album Sweet seeds autos