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Found 3 results

  1. I have got a new 6" fan and filter that runs at 660m3/h. At the moment intake and outake are both at 185m3/h. Would i be best adding the 660 to the 185 and having 2 carbon filters outakes totalling 845m3/h and just having 1 intake of 185m3/h. Or having 2 intakes of 185 totalling 370m3/h and 1 outake of 660m3/h. So option 1: Intake = 185mh/3 Outake = 845m3/h Negative Pressure Difference = 660m3/h Or option 2: Intake = 370mh/3 Outake = 660mh/3 Negative Pressure Difference = 290m3/h I have not took into account the 25% loss because of the use of the carbon filters this is just a outline and just looking for some rough advice. I am leaning towards option 1 as it will better for smell but tbh i smoke indoors anyway so it is not the biggest problem. I am worried that it is to much negative pressure (if there is such a thing) and not enough intake running into the tent so am looking for some second opinions. BTW tent size is 2x2m Thanks
  2. Hi. First time poster/grower here, doing preliminary research before my venture into the wonderful world of home grown highs. In the process of building a growdrobe 3'x3'x7' and have exhaust and venting questions. The unit is in the front room of my house, which has an electric fire that's in the process of being removed. My question is; would the chimney be a suitable source of fresh air for the inline intake fan I plan to install? Or does the chimney have a more pull/suck attitude that could interfere with intake? Doing a search on chimney/intake lead to 'no don't...carbon monoxide/harmful gasses etc, but I would assume that's from used chimneys (I.e attic grows) Does anyone have experience in this? I originally had the chimney pegged as 'outtake' as it seemed obvious but fresh air is more important (or so I'm reading) Thanks
  3. Hi guys, It's my first grow and I'm in first week of veg, I think ha ha. Basically I'm trying to find out whether my airflow set-up is correct. So here's what I got..... 6 plants in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0m tent, growing in coco under a 600w hps. I have a 4" intake at 187m3/hr or 110cfm and a 5" outtake at 280m3/hr or 164cfm ( i think conversions are correct) Will the above fans provide with correct air exchanges? My temps are currently around 26/27 celsius, humidity is on the floor, the digital meter just has 2 horizontal lines on it which I assume means zero . Struggling to get my head around the airflow and the only examples I can find on the web are for completely different/more advanced set-ups. I've always been a believer that anybody can learn anything - if you can't understand something then it may be because somebody isn't explaining it in the right way. Can anybody give me a quick tutorial that is easy to understand......? Many thanks in advance