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Found 2 results

  1. A little late to the party, but I've made it all the same First up, thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt for getting together and giving us load of awesome free stuff! I started 2 of each quick gorilla and OG cookies last night in levingtons M2 compost with a sprinkle of OG granules mixed. Hopefully I'll see life in 4 - 5 days. They'll start off in the flower area while it's on a veg timer, then when I flower the current clones I'll move them into the 40 X 100 veg area under a 65W QB where they'll stay under they get too big or the other stuff is finished... 6 - 8 weeks... Plenty of time to do a bit of training on them. Current temps in the flower area are 19 - 23°C at pot level, this is the only temp I'm interested in
  2. Hullo Lads n Lasses, it's good to be here....massive shout out to @Intense Nutrients Matt @Dinafem-Mark a fantastic opportunity, given....forever grateful guys... Lets kick off with a wee joke, eh? I remember when i first starting using drugs, I was 16 years old. It all started with a spliff, then a bong or two. Before i Knew it I was using amphetamines like speed, but for a stronger buzz i got into ectasy. Well after that it wasn't long before i started on the hard stuff like heroin and cocaine.. I was a complete mess..... My mind and body were broken.... BUT FUCK ME WHAT A NIGHT!!!! Anywayz back to the grow...so here's the lowdown.... 600 watt HPS with sunmaster dual spec bulbs.....(new). 5 inch rhino fan and rhino filter.....(newish, no problems here with rhino filter??). starting off in 2L pots, one pot up to 10/11L pots....in clover compost. U know the nutes and seeds i'll be using guys so lets get it on!! I hatched the total 10 seeds, 5 each. 9 hatched but i broke one taproot during planting, the ham fisted cnut i am....so 8 sprouts i got, one maybe a runt as it was slower than the rest breaking the surface.....In my wee veg cupboard under a 125w envirolight. They will be under that for 2 wks then they go under the big light in my flower cupboard.... So that's the craic so far..... I must admit i was well happy with the last Dinafem stuff iv grown....was blue widow(any excuse to post this bud pic.....It was popular in my circle, we kept it around for a couple of years.....That was around 6-7 years ago.... Tis the best shot i have taken of a plant, i often go back just to ogle it...... I bought a cdc for this grow, but i need a data transfer cable, which is coming soon so i get decent pics of my lovely(hope) flowers.....Ill be doing a tour of the diaries later on or tmrw so I can see how all u guys are getting on....Just take this chance to wish everyone in the comp good luck, may the canna godz look favourably upon us....ATB guys, see u soon.......