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Found 6 results

  1. Can anyone recommend a good pain relieving strain for MS nerve pain please? Preferably a sativa-heavy hybrid. Thanks in advance :salute:
  2. My Birthday Erection ;)

    From the album Budbox

    Afternoon everyone, as it's my birthday in a few days and I'm stuck at home self isolating, I thought I'd treat myself to a Budbox Pro 100x100x200 with white reflective walls. I'm awaiting delivery of some Gelato auto grains. I've already got a few started outside (they're thriving off all this sunshine but a bit leggy); there's a Zkittles auto and a GSC auto. I'm going to put 2 Gelato, the Zkittles and the GSC inside. I did an unsuccessful grow last year which turned hermo because my mate kept looking in at the wrong times. So I've already got a 5" Kaisen extractor hooked up to a Rhino Pro 5". Also have a 5" intake fan that I've stuffed inside a length of ducting for air intake. I'll be doing a grow diary in the relevant section once it's all set up and the grains arrive. In the meantime check out my new toy! Peace
  3. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ms-patient-banned-from-driving-after-cannabis-use-l9gnhsl79 A multiple sclerosis patient denied a licensed cannabis treatment for the condition in Scotland has been stripped of her driving licence after relieving her symptoms with the illegal drug. Fresh concern has been raised about the struggle that patients face to obtain marijuana-based medicine on the NHS, after the professional from Glasgow revealed her plight. The 49-year-old woman began vaping cannabis two-and-a-half years ago in a desperate attempt to relieve the near-constant pain and exhaustion. (paid content...)
  4. Hello all I'm prepping my first growroom for a medicinal grow but I'm pretty new to all this. I've had a few pointers and I've searched the forums for room advice and tips but I wanted to know if anyone had any pointers. I'm using some seeds recommended by a friend of mine as he grew Chem Dawg and it was great for pain relief and neural discomfort from stress headaches. I got them from Medicann seeds and I'm pretty happy with the grow process but I'm not too sure about the best way to get the best benefits from it. In terms of aiding with pain relief for someone who hasn't smoked previously (not me) - would people recommend vaping or tinctures/cooking to help? Any help appreciated greatly Ta
  5. http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/11203601.MS_sufferer_reveals_marijuana_helped_him_walk_again/ MS sufferer reveals marijuana helped him walk again A man suffering from debilitating MS has told how he breaks the law every day to rid himself of debilitating pain. Clark French said that using medical marijuana has also increased his chances of living longer. Mr French, 28, of Fiveways, Brighton, was restricted to a wheelchair after being diagnosed with MS in 2010 and suffered extreme pain before trying cannabis as a treatment. He said he was prescribed medical marijuana while living in California and it had helped him walk unaided again. Having returned to the UK and now living in Brighton he says he is forced to break the law to stay healthy. He now no longer needs the NHS prescribed and takes between two and four grams of cannabis a day to keep the pain and muscle spasms at bay. Mr French, who is unable to work because of his illness, said: “Before I started taking cannabis I needed a wheelchair and walking sticks but now I don’t really need them anymore. “I’m not cured but it has made a huge difference to my symptoms and it’s improved my life expectancy. “I know it’s not legal here, but when it’s the choice between following the law that you know is wrong or not being able to live your life, it’s not much of a choice really. “The traditional treatments tramadol and morphine and a type of chemotherapy have a significant impact on your life expectancy. I was on ten different drugs, now I don’t need any other treatment. I take two to four grams a day and it’s changed my life. “After being diagnosed with MS I started to look at the science behind medical marijuana. “I travelled to California where I was given a doctor’s certification to get medical cannabis and I got a lot better. “Before this I needed a wheelchair and a walking stick to get anywhere, now I don’t.” Mr French is now planning on campaigning to get the laws on the use of medical marijuana relaxed. Cannabis is not recognised as having any therapeutic value under the law in England and regardless of the purpose for which they are taking it still faces the threat of arrest or being charged with possession of an illegal drug. However, there is a cannabis-based product – called Sativex – which has been authorised for the use in patients with spasticity due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in exceptional circumstances.
  6. Just found out a family friend has MS, they are fairly young and open minded so I'm sure canna related treatments will be accepted. Just wondered if anyone has any advice re bud based medication as I'm sure they'd benefit, just have no experience of MS and promised I'd ask a few friends. What doses for relief of spasms etc? What's the best means of administering? Anyone got a link to some info for other less canna friendly family members for reassurance we ain't planning on a mass doping! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!