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Found 52 results

  1. evening ladies and gents, another grow has started, and i wasnt gonna bother with a diary, but my memory is crap and i will at least know when i last changed out the res. This one is in the big room, where im doing (hopefully) a couple of trees too. This lot will be done in my big room. its got a 9 pot rdwc system in it, under 4 x 600 hps and a little LED. Ionic nutrients will be used, along with H&G roots excellerator and canna cal mag. i had a few fatalities early on and never bothered replacing them so i was left with 3 empty pots, soooooo, ive punted the trees to one side of the room, and the dinafem ladies to the other. while wondering how i could get a couple of weeks extra veg out of the trees, i thought , how will i hold back the others, so ive broken out the screens, and will scrog them within an inch of thier lives hahaha. So the screens have 2 inch squares in them and will be fixed securely to the timbers and will not move. i will put some effort in and train them till i run out of room, at which point ill flip the lot. the LED will be moved over to the tree side for some extra side lighting for them. Plants are nearing 4 weeks veg and have been topped multiple times.strains are a mix of critical, moby and blue cheese, and are from the seeds i had off my last lot, which hermied due to lighting ballast issues (it kept switching off and on throughout the dark period) I hope they wont hermie, but will keep my eyes on them very closely, once they show sex. So thats the lowdown heres the pics.
  2. Eh oh as the tellytubbies would say. ive been sitting in front of the telly shoving chocolate down my neck so im starting to look like one im back with another dinafem/ hso adventure this time im doing a couple of favourites and a new kid on the block- for me anyway. these strains are; Dinafem critical+2 Dinafem Moby dick HSO black dog (regs) my system is a 9 pot (60litre pots), home made , top fed spray bars, RDWC recirculating system lights are 5 No digital dimmable 600w hps, metal halide -veg, and HPS in bloom fans are rvk, 8 inch in, 12 inch out, run off diy variac controller hailea hc300 chiller maxijet 1000 pump for chiller hailea hx 8840 water pump for 4 pot side hailea t8000 for 5 pot side 2 x hailea 60l/min air pumps, 2 stones per tote. I need to repair my system, which is tomorrows entertainment, after that im gonna be wetting my wang, er beans. Life is like a box of chocolates, as forest gump once said, you never know what you'll get as you can see its a bomb site in there, but will be ship shape soon. Exciting times
  3. I have been busy planning my next grow and so far I have been pleased with the Dinafem plants I am currently flowering so I thought I would try some of the longer flowering strains. I have opted for Strawberry Amnesia, Dinachem and Moby Dick as they are advertised as 70 to 75 days. They will be part of a 9 plant multi strain seed plant grow which will include Cheese Wreck and BLZ Bud from Seedism and Blue Dream, Amhurst Sour Diesel and Chemdawg from Humboldt Seed Organisation. I will also have a cutting of Sannies Sugar Punch from a seed plant that I am flowering out now, it's really sativa looking so would be ideal for 10 to 11 week flower period which is what I am planning for this grow. I have took a few photos of the seedlings and I have quite an interesting bunch. The Moby Dick has sprouted 2 plants from one seed and the Dinachem has a mutant massive leaf that pushed the 2 starter leaves to one side. I have never seen it before but the 2 smaller leaves look to be normal so hopefully it will be ok. The Strawberry Amnesia has been really slow to germinate but it's just about up now.
  4. Hello everyone I just got my 3 pack of moby dick and I'm Sprouting it in the paper towel method. as soon as it has sprouted it will goto a mix of soils, ph is at 6.0. For light I will use 8 to 10 hours ofdirect sunlight + (enough hours to complete the 18/6 light regime to keep her on veg) 2 t5 and 2 40watt leds, most of the power will come from the sun (I'm running another grow and the plants love it). I will use organic foliar nutes during veg and for flower I will drench. I have 5 and 7 gallon pots. My doubts are some, should I top ? Should I train ? I have all the space I want, I could do a hole in the ground if needed. How long should I veg ? When should i take some clones of the moby dick? this my usual weather, no rain until January but I have plenty of water from a spring so oh is usually neutral. Join me and please Help me out! I wanna do as good as my conditions allow me. I will post pics weekly maybe twice a week cheers
  5. In the Night Garden... Rollup folks, here we go again, Dinafem's back in my night garden ...first and foremost big ups to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem themselves for putting up the Early Amnesia and Dinamed CBD pips for this run, (this won't be the only diary I do on them either as I've got plans for another with them and those will be grown in a completely different way/system for a comparison between that and this due to how I'm currently running my garden) Right so, as eluded to above I've been umming and arring about how to go about this here diary for the Dinamed CBD and Early Amnesia CBD and well see, things have altered a little in the system since the last Dinafem run and those being that I've been using pre used mix for the medium and well happy with it tbh, producing decent crops but is more involved with the feeding formulas and a sharper eye etc also I've reduced my numbers of plants. I used to run 6 x 5l pots but found that it was too cramped so decided on my last run to run in my 7.5's with four plants and have found it the better way forward, so in turn I'm running four plants again this time. The Beans Then Now another thing I've been doing of late is to run multistrain grows in order to have as much variation in my smoke for different occasions according to mood/vibe and time of day and have also found this great for me, so this run is again a four way strain grow. 1. White Widow 2. Moby Dick 3. Dinamed CBD 4. Early Amnesia CBD The CBD plants are new Dinafem strains of course and following these and to be started when these are flipped is the brand spanking new Remo Chemo with nutrients test run (that run will be a single strain grow for a more fuller test). I'm really looking forward to those as it's something extra having to go into new nutrient territory and following a chart for me, so should be good learning all around this current run however will be done with my usual nutrients and methods of growing. I dropped a bean of each of those above into some mix (reused Jack's Magic/Westland MP/Verve boosted with Fish, Blood & Bone) and 3" starter pots some time ago, however the EA CBD came up, stopped and died almost instantly, the Dinamed was slow and so I thought she also was a dud, I had a poke around and she also stopped but earlier from the seed the Widow and Moby Dick however were fine, thus two new replacements for the duds were started and thus they are a week younger (working it out earlier and I'm counting it in at 25 days for the WW and MD and 18 for the EA CBD and Dinamed) They were a bit long in the starters though tbh as the Dinamed is REALLY slow to get going, but yesterday I had to go for the pot up into my 6" pots as I need to get these moving along and also the cabinet was free for the halide to be used (up to this point they've been grown under sunlight via a velux window) Root systems were ok enough with the MD and WW and also the EA CBD (just with her) but the Dinamed needed more time in her starter and the ball broke up on the pot up...she went in the new pot fine though and has not been bothered by the disturbance by looks of her earlier The photos above are a few days in for three of them but the Dinamed is just after breaking the surface as I liked the seed casing still being there and that unfolding, 'new life' look I haven't bothered with anymore though until these taken today after their pot up yesterday (we've all seen seedlings and at least that early stage is now over and can get on with show now they're into their mid pots) The White Widow above and in her new boots, little bit overwatered as my usual MO I can see but I'm not worried, she'll be fine when she dries out a bit, which shouldn't be long as the cab's running at 29 C with the Halide on. The Moby Dick, looking a little better, bit pale but she's ok and needs a little more food which I'll balance out with what the FBB does for her in the medium. The Early Amnesia CBD and well happy with her and how she's getting on with it, shiny leaves, happy enough and droops after a watering and picks up afterwards. And last off the Dinamed CBD, you can see what I mean about her being slow because this plant came up around same time as the EA CBD (within a day), I don't think she's been the happiest, possibly a little cold perhaps from the window at night and affecting her a little but confident she'll ramp up now in the cabinet under the lamp. Got a group pic below to finish up the update today folks, all in the cleaned out night garden with Cartman watching over them so happy dayz, will update in a week or if things happen sooner etc Until next time, thanks for watching
  6. Hi folks, I'm a total beginner, growing several strains of Dinafem and Greenhouse plants outdoors in Southern Spain. I've been reading up about topping, FIMing etc and I'm a bit confused about which I should be trying. I'd like to get as many nice buds as possible, what would be a good starting point for a beginner, outdoors? Most of my plants are around 7 weeks, some are a bit younger.
  7. 7 weeks

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  8. GROW-2329.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Moby Dick
  9. Moby Dick 4

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Moby Dick 4 ready to grind
  10. ..... A resounding yes? Please read on, see what you think.
  11. Flower 85 Moby 3

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Dinafem Moby Dick flower 85
  12. Flower 85 Moby 3~01

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Dinafem Moby Dick flower 85
  13. Flower 85~moby.1

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Moby Dick 1 flower 85
  14. Flower 85~moby 1

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Moby Dick 1 flower 85
  15. From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Flower 85~ Moby Dick 1 On left #2 On right
  16. Flower 85 Moby2

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Flower 85 Moby Dick. 2