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Found 7 results

  1. Well me and my friend were looking at all the different uses for rso oil and the ways it can be ingested which also led us onto edible honey, now the origonal plan was to replace the rso schedule with individually dosed 100ml bottles which would suffice both medically and recreationally keeping in mind there is a high tolerance threshold, if anyone can shed light onto the matter with how to make strong honey recipies and furthermore infuse it into a drink such as cherryade, ect ect just a type of flavoured drink that would be suitable and just have the rso inbetween
  2. Hi everybody, I was wondering, if someone wanted to make a homemade butane extraction, as opposed to using the premade glass tubes, what material would be best to use. Im thinking something that the solvent wouldnt break down and thus give plastics in the final product. Would pvc pipes suffice, or is there another foolsafe material to use? Many thanks
  3. Hi guys was wondering if anyone who has used CLE could give me the heads up on what's required. I've extracted bho before but want to try something that'll make be more productive. I'm planning on using it with plants from this years GG. Any help is always welcome.
  4. Hi there, I've had a wee tub (about 3g) of dry sieve bout the place for ages, and just haven't really been bothered with it. I've just pulled a couple of the girls down and am tempted to run the trim for oil instead of bubble like I normally do. I was just wondering if anyone has ever topped up the evaporating tray with extra crystals (the dry sieve) when there is still a good amount of butane left with the HoneyBee? OR use the coffee pot method and dose the trim with dry sieve when soaking? I have pressed hash plenty of times - but have only thought of this one recently! Wanted to know if you people think its worthwhile or have done it before or if I should just keep them separate and make jelly with them? Cheers!