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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Has anyone used an in-line heater on there intake vent, I've seen some on ebay. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using them? And are they any good? Thanks Andy
  2. Hi guys. Just starting to get everything ready for my new grow room I'm starting on next week. Just looking at the heating system and thought someone may have a recommendation The room is being set up in a 20ft container. 10ft grow room and 10ft man cave/trim room. I don't want to use electric heating as they cost way to much to run. I'm looking at a propane space heater but have just spotted a diesel heater on amazon made for trucks. Anyone see any reason why one of these wouldn't work. It's thermostatically controlled unlike propane. Will be placed outside the grow room in the room that air is pulled from. May be a stupid question but wanted to check before buying it.
  3. Simple question, picking brains really. Should I heat the tent, or the lung room?
  4. First grow guys. Please don't bite. The search limit makes it difficult to self serve. We've just had our hottest May bank holiday on record and temps have been easy to manage in a 1m*1m tent with LED light and 2 cheap fans, no dedicated extraction fan fitted yet, The tent intake is passive, via a mesh window at the base of the tent. During those hot days, my temps were bouncing between 23 and 26.7. Happy days. It's got cooler recently and now I'm bouncing between 18 and 23 which I believe puts me on the borderline of shocking the plants. Today I'm fitting a 6 inch phresh extractor with manual speed controller in readyness for vegging. I feel that even at minimum speed, temps will drop further. So just looking for a cheap/low power option to get the temps up a couple of degrees and regulate them. My plants have just started producing their third nodes. Here is where my head is at... Digital LED Temperature Controller Thermostat For Aquarium Reptile AC-112 UK/ . £12 on ebay. with 250w Honeywell personal heater with a low/high setting hooked up to a cheap reptile thermostat. £30 on amazon which is a bit pricey. or 2000w portable fan heater with a low setting at 1000w. £12 screwfix. 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat. £20 screwfix. No need for a separate thermostat. Maybe I'll put the oscillating desk fan behind it so it is fanning warm air onto the plants. I'm concerned that the heat will just get sucked out of the tent and the plants get no benefit. Or maybe keep the inline fan switched off until the plants get bigger or outside temps pick up, and let the fans just waft the recycled air around in the tent with the door unzipped a bit. Or just crank the central heating up, fit the exhaust fan, put some inlet ducting to the radiator, close the passive mesh intake, close the door to the box room and keep the window open. Note : The radiator is under the window and the tent is located 1.5 meters away. Put my portable central heating thermostat in the grow tent and hope the tent is passively pulling warm air in. I also want a heating matt for my next grow. In summary. I'm leaning towards.... 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat and no bespoke thermostat. £20 screwfix. Hoping to rely on the integrated thermostat. 10inch * 20.75inch 18W Seedling Heat Mat Hydroponic Seed Reptile Plant Heating Pad £10.59 on ebay. Might try popping this under my pots. I'm still waiting for roots to pop out so that I can pot up into 0.5 litre root pouch. Thoughts guys?
  5. So my very cheap, frost protection fan heater crapped out and I'm in the market now for something new. Was wondering if one kind of heating source was better than another for growing weed. Should I just get another one like the one o had, or is a radiating type heater better? Thanks!
  6. Had a thought earlier today,... like you do, I'm in a pixie tent and sort on space so I was thinking get a small 1ft tube heater, one of them thin ones, stick it inside an 18" length of 4" waste pipe and connect inline to passive air intake about 50cm from tent intake opening, for the winter. I turn down exhaust fan at night but last two nights mins were and 66/18.8 and 64/17.7 they still sucked up half a litre while lights off for 6 hours so I'm guessing by uptake they wern't dormant in that period......... maybe I better start checkin bucket temp. Going 12/12 this week and will have light off in the day but it's getting winter out there and there will be more cold to come. Wondering whether it would be effective and whether anyones done this b4, I could close off the end of passive intake as well a bit so the air doesn't rush past the tube/waste pipe bit as fast. Oh the tents in a cupboard only about 18" from a water tank so it's never gunna freeze right out in there, the passive is the only way it will cool cos of fresh air.
  7. hi all this is my first post/topic and grow so please bear with my ignorance ,I am trying without much success to control the temps in my growroom which is a 4x4ft curtained off section of an 8x10ft room,i have to keep switching off my extraction(5" with rhino carbon filter) because the temps get down as low as 14 at night, the nutrient tank is the only thing that keeps the temps at that level as it remains at a steady enough 16-19degs,what I am trying to find is a digital thermostat with timer so I can set an electric heater to heat to 25degs during lights on and about 16degs at night/lights out,i have scoured the net without any succsess so I hope you good people can help.