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Found 191 results

  1. Like en abody now as some of you might have heard I got me some bubble bags at christmas and I have been waiting impatiently for my crop to finish so I can try em out well they got chopped this weekend past so I spent sunday being a productive little Hazy by popping my bubble cherry and I thought to myself lots o fowk have a hash thread so fuck it here's mine. I will skip the how its made stuff as its well covered in some of the most helpful and informative guides here and I will get down to the goodies right away. I used the 220m work bag and the 160m as a contaminant catcher the hash came from the 73m and the 25m bags the 25m bag takes forever to drain by the way but it caught the most hash so well worth the time in my opinion. First up the 73m pics. 73m 25m And a quick one after a pressing. Pressed Grand total 1.6g of 73m and bang on 2g of 25m well chuffed wi this had a wee try of the 73m last night and half a joint fuckin spannered me I have never in 20 years of smoking had hash this good before consider me well impressed. And a mention has to go to the wee bit of finger/scissor hash I got from trimming this is the first time I trimmed wi sillicone gloves and the amount of goo that I managed to recover was way more then I ever got scraping it from my fingers I got just shy of a gram its also the cleanest finger/scissor hash I have made to date very nice. Finger/Scissor Hash Still quite a lot of green through it tho but it still smoked good. So that's about it for this time round see ye next crop folks aw the best. Hazy
  2. Evening all Just been making some bubble from my trim and it dosnt look great. It's only my 2nd time. The 1st came out great I used my fine trim in my mini washing machine. Everything came out very green and frothy. Most of the concentrait seemed to be in my 25micron bag at the end and everything it a shade of green. Last time I had some realy nice blonde stuff in my last 2 bags but this time it's all green. Is this from using to fine trim. Was in a 220 micron zip up bag and also filtered out the machine into a 220 as the 1st bag. Just drying now so hopefully still nice and tasty
  3. I have recently been having some nightmare hermi issues in my flower tent and some of the plants have ended up with seeds in them. One of the worst was a Pineapple Skunk which was full of seeds so I decided to do a bubble hash run with it, I have only run trim and air buds before, never a whole plant so this is a bit of an experiment I chopped the plant, removed all the fan leaves, broke up all the flowers and the put them in the freezer. I did keep the top of one cola back to dry for vaping as I love the flavour and have just run out. Pineapple Skunk for Bubble Run I have a Bubblebagdude machine and enough ice for four 15 minute washes. After each wash the water is drained into the bubble bags, I use the 25, 73, 160 & 220u bags and before I start to pull the bags it’s left to settle for an hour or two. I noticed a lot more foam on the surface than I get when using trim, it smells very nice in my kitchen during the washing cycles, stinks of Pineapple Skunk. The First Wash The 220 and 160u bags are full of plant material so they get ditched, I keep the 73u and the 25u hash, both are worth keeping although some people say they ditch the 25u, what a waste, it’s very potent and tasty. There isn’t as much yield from this one plant as when I use trim but there is a lot more material with trim as I collect it over a few months. I am not bothered about the yield on this, it’s just going to be nice having hash made with one strain for a change. 1st run 73u 1st run 25u I squeezed the excess water out of the paste and then froze it, once frozen it was micro planed onto some parchment paper and is now drying. 73u Pineapple Skunk Drying 25u Pineapple Skunk Drying I did 4 runs in total, as with using trim the first two runs yielded the most and the other two there was a lot less. This morning I squished a little bit of each grade together to give me a bit to vape while the rest is drying, it’s very nice in my Sticky Brick Runt, tastes just like the flowers but a lot stronger. I will update in a few days when it’s dry. Yummy
  4. Hi all, I'm very new to growing and everything other than smoking I grew 2 different strains of autoflower in my greenhouse and have been curing them in jars for at least 2 weeks now and they both taste horrible.. i chopped one down early as it had started to get bud rot, i chopped the other down a few days after because i couldn't tell if they were ready or not and probably a little too excited (learnt from that mistake) Anyway i know i have harvested too early and also ruined the taste and aroma from having the fan blow on the bud while drying (again another lesson learnt) but can i make half decent hash or oil from these buds? The blackberry strain does get me a little high after 2 bongs but i have to fight myself to get through one.. and the krippleberry is looking like a waste, its harsh as hell and gives a wierd high, probs from being chopped early but we're past that now aha What do you think? Can I get any use out of these at all? I was thinking hash, oil or edibles just as a way of using them, i hate wasting cannabis!
  5. Morning all, Just a few questions....first of all I hope all is well with everyone! I have an ounce or so of some weed. Chopped and dried during the heat wave - 7 days and put the buds into paper bags and then a 4L vault to keep RH at 62%. The buds are not too dry as they've been sat between 62-65% RH since chopping 5 weeks ago. Nicely cured but no terps at all and tastes of nothing. The terps were there when chopped but dissipated due to the heat when drying and curing. Would it be okay to make bubblehash from it as I really don't wanna smoke it? Looks nice, trim job could have been better. No it's cured they're tight little nugs. Excuse the poor photo's. Will some terps come back? Is it best to break or crush the nugs up before freezing or just leave them? The hash (more like rosin) I made from the larf was top notch and has some nice terps in it....smells amazing actually. PineApple Sorbet - Looks like gooey sticky toffee. This was when the heatwave hit two weeks ago. Any info would be great! Peace!
  6. Hi friends, long time green lover but new to the vape game Just got my hands on a storm vaporizer pen, not sure which chambers/temperaturs to use for which products. I have both the resin chamber and titanium concentrate chamber. I want to use it for 3 different things: crumbly hash, cbd crystals and regular mary jane Any advice much appreciated
  7. Dry sieve trim

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. I spend many months out of each year in Cairo just thought I’d post a pic of the hash out here, they call it *One Doller* there is cheaper stuff but the quality on this is great, lasts too, each piece goes for approx a couple hundred sterling couldnt insert image
  9. 20190502-201449-crop-543x535.jpg

    From the album my gallery

    Hand rolled bubble hash from 75 micron bag.
  10. How's it going folks? New member. Just joined here as I'm looking to make some edibles. I'll be using solid/brown/hash - and have tried a few options already based on YouTube videos but the results have been poor. I've ground the brown down using a grater and added to 125g of butter and a cup of water and simmered for 3 hours. Then i poured the results into a glass dish and placed in the fridge to cool overnight. Then I added the butter to melted cooking chocolate before sticking in the freezer. Getting a slight buzz off them as if I'm starting a nice wipeout but then it passes quickly. I did the same the second time but cooked the brown in the oven beforehand to loosen and ground it into the melted butter. Bit stronger but not what I'm looking for. Has anyone had any success with using brown and can they recommend any methods for me? Thanks in advance ;-)
  11. Why is it so hard to find the jesy stamped Moroccan, reasonably! I had had it not long ago and was a good, reasonable and a great smoke. Smooth, soft and bendy and a good high/taste. Smelt good too. Now I’ve lost contact and cannot find it again, yes it a commercial but never stopped me. anyone smoking jesy atm?
  12. Hello, I have been passionate about the history of our beloved plant for over 13 years and more specifically about landrace strains. Unfortunately, it seems that just like regional accents and dialects, landrace strains are also dying out and disappearing quickly. It can be attributed to globalization, eradication campaigns, demand for an end product higher in cannabinoids and the list goes on... I would like to go to the Moroccan Rif during the summer, to find some real moroccan landrace seeds and bring them back in an effort to preserve the very old and unique genetics of that region. However, from what I have heard and researched, it appears that the Kif landrace, also called Bledia, has already almost disappeared from the Rif. Apparently, farmer brought seeds from Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 90's which "polluted" most of the pure Morrocan Sativa genes. Then, since 2002-2003, moroccan farmers have started hybridising their strains with genetic material from Holland to bring up THC levels and resin production. The genuine Moroccan landrace is supposed to be Sativa and automatic as they used to be harvested in July in the Rif. My Question to all you old-timers and landrace enthusiasts out there: Is it too late to find some seeds of that Old-school Moroccan Kif or is it still being cultivated is some remote areas? I really want to preserve that cultural heritage (I'm part Moroccan) and preserve the genetics by open-pollinating. I also believe that, as it becomes more and more legal throughout the world, people will want to use it as a medicine but some unique medical properties can only be found is some specific strains. I think the real genetic diversity lies in landrace strains. However, if we don't fight to preserve the genes, it will be lost forever. Before it even becomes legal worldwide once again. Your input would be very appreciated!
  13. Hi, A friend came to visit and showed me some CBD hash that he bought from a local shop. It was called Amnesia Haze CBD Hash. I asked him how do you get CBD only hash (looks/feels like Moroccan hash) from Amnesia Haze? He doesn't know but tells me that you can buy CBD buds and seeds from plants like Amnesia Haze...so I wonder how is it possible to have sativa\indica CBD only seeds, buds and hash? I understand that you can isolate CBD giving a white powder but this hash was brown and had a slight hash smell, are both the colour and smell additives? Is it possible to have a CBD only sativa/indica like Amnesia Haze (0% THC) and if so how is this possible and who is producing the seeds/plants? Thanks TT
  14. Hi folks, I'm doing my first bubble hash run and the screen press 25micron that was supposed to come with the bubble bag kit that I ordered off ebay did not arrive, so I have bubble bags but no screen to press with. I need to do the hash tonite as I'm moving house and not sure how to proceed. The bags I have got are: 25, 73, 120 and 220. Am I right thinking I can just use the 25 micron as a bag and a press somehow? How would I go about doing this? Thanks for any info,
  15. Hey guys, Can I pick your brains? I want to know if some Moroccan pollen hash is likely to be contaminated... I'll explain: So we were in Spain - Andalusia, met a Moroccan dude, and got some pollen hash from him. It was about E50 for half an oz (14g). We smoked about a 1g chunk and it got me high (we didn't smoke all of it). My friends said it had the smell of weed and plastic. (It was wrapped in cellophane but I had definitely taken all the cellophane off). Anyway, that got me a bit paranoid, so we made an infusion with some coconut oil (c. 70ml) and about 5, 6g of the pollen. Coconut oil smokes at 177C, and I brought it to smoke then cooled it down. It was a consistent, dark brown/black colour. We couldn't see anything that didn't look like hash, so we continued. Two of us mopped up the greasy pan with some cake. We could feel some grainy, gravelly bits. Then we went out to pick up chicks, and came home right after dinner because of the high. Reality had become unstable. The shit was potent. We almost wrote goodbye notes to our parents ^_^ What I'm wondering is, does the Moroccan hash you get in Spain come contaminated with anything? Do they bulk it up with anything? Is the grainy-ness normal with pollen hash? I left the remaining 7g with some dudes in Spain. I'm kinda concerned that they shouldn't take it (they are sick and using it as medicine) if it has been contaminated. I've had a look around the forum and haven't found much on this specific topic. So any pointers would be welcome. Cheers GG
  16. I like to make hash from the crop. Who doesn't? I've always noticed the differences between hashes made from plants cut at different times. For example, you can make hash from a plant 6 weeks into flowering or you can make it 12 weeks into flowering. There is a big difference between the hashes taken at various stages. Here is an hash made from plants cut at 6 weeks. The 6 week old hash is pretty uplifting. Even though its mainly Indica, it almost seems like Sativa due to the immature resin glands used to make it. Next hash is taken at 7 weeks. It gets a little stronger as each week passes All my hash is dry shaken. I have a metal coffee tin, I stretch a bubble bag sieve over the top, then put the metal lid on. Shake for a minute lightly and you get a finer hash. One other factor is how long you store the leaf/bud for. The first two hashes were taken from bud and leaf dried for a week or so. The next hash was made from plants chopped at 11 weeks or so. Then the bud/leaf was stored for 12 months. This is a more traditional heavy hash, you don't need much but its so tasty that I get through it quickly. I guess its rare to see early hash. Its a luxury only growers can access but I guess most people will not fancy chopping plants at 6 weeks. That said, it may have medical benefits to use resin that is a bit immature. The effects are different. More lively and less taxing for people not used to smoking hash. Sadly, I cannot grow enough bud to experiment more with the concept of early hash. I just know it will have some uses and many people might prefer the effects it brings both recreationally and medically. Anyone else have experience with early hash? I'd be interested to see what people think.
  17. IMG-0143.JPG

    From the album Temple ball 1st attempt

  18. IMG-0141.JPG

    From the album Temple ball 1st attempt

  19. Hey guys, I'm heading out to Protaras cyprus end of June and would like any advice on the best way to get some bud or hash. I have checked up and from what iv read online I'm better off get hash then bud and that the police are strict so no smoking out n about. If anyone could point me in the right dircetion would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Hello chaps, As the title says....I have approx. 30g's of bud n stuff that isn't worth drying/curing and smoking so I'm interested in making some kind of hash. I've never made any before and I don't have any 'special' equipment so what is the easiest way? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance peeps! P.S. I do have some latex gloves if that helps
  21. 12" x 18"

    From the album 2017 outdoor organic

  22. Hello everyone, I used to be a skunk smoker for many years age 16 - 26. Since the age of 26 until now (30) I have only been smoking Hash. I can get a hold of some nice Hash most of the time ( soft, nice smell, not rock solid). I have been rolling with tobacco for a long time and I do not smoke cigarettes. My aim is to quit tobacco once and for all and I did not realise how hard it would be to decide on the best way to go about this. I need a good, robust, pipe that will work well for smoking hash and only hash, preferably a glass type. (doesn't have to be) I have spent hours researching about pipes for hash, even though there are suggestions and information, it all seems to be old information (2012 and earlier) Does any one here have any experience with smoking hash without tobacco? Do you know of any pipes to recommend for this day and age? (2017) Are there any vaporisers maybe that will be suitable? Any kind of help or information would be much appreciated! Thanks
  23. Cookie doe 1

    From the album Girl Scout Cookies

    Made from trimming the girls.. just the same way charis is made but pulled off my gloves
  24. Landed in Fes yesterday to start something I've been meaning to do for a long time: I'm looking for the best Moroccan hash I can find. Gold is apparently what I'm after (zero-zero / Sputnik / King Hassan / cream). It started 2 weeks ago - I was staring out to sea in Spain, dreaming about what delights lay over the water - probably in much the same way so many Moroccans do from the other shore, but with vastly differing goals. They want Europe and the perceived wealth that comes with it. I wanted hash. I had a flight back to the uk, and the next 2 weeks played out much the same as the last 2 years. Mates, playstation, weed, birds etc... I was gonna get a grow on again, but had an itch I still needed to scratch. So I booked a flight, back to Spain again. Realising that wasn't really what this was about, I changed my flight last minute to Morocco, and so here I am. I thought I might find some interesting things here (never been) so figured i'd start a thread here in the travel section. If anyone popping in has any advice on just about anything, I'm all ears. Some pics: Fez medina: Camel Burger: (not traditional Moroccan food, but I couldn't resist) Cats: Gate: And some psychosis BHO which seems to have fallen into my hand luggage again probably at least 10g this time: It's not as dark as in the pics. But why take cannabis INTO Morocco? well I intend on getting chatty with some farmers to see if they want any help this season, and they prob won't have seen much of this kinda thing, so would hopefully appreciate it like I do. Should be a talking point at least. There's plenty of hash in Fes, but I haven't found what I'm looking for so haven't made a purchase yet, I'm on a bus to Chefchaouen tomorrow where I'm sure I'll find some lovely treats. I'll post up pics of whatever I find, ganja fields, hash, food, culture etc... Hopefully its of some interest. Either way I'll enjoy looking back on it later myself - and I don't do Facebook As it's all on my phone, pics are basic and I can't post them full size, but if a mod stumbles across this thread and has time they'd prob look better not as thumbnails? Cheers